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For HAL-PC Members

Free Upgrade and Troubleshooting Workshop

Are you having a problem with your PC that telephone tech support just can't handle? Need help installing that new hardware controlled modem? Think you have a virus or spyware problem that you just can't eliminate? Try the PC Troubleshooting and Upgrade clinic at Headquarters on Friday mornings from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm.

HAL-PC members will look over your equipment with you and try to fix your problem. You must be prepared to work with them - this is meant to be a learning experience! Be sure to bring your machine and the installation media for any software and/or hardware you are experiencing difficulty with.

The clinic is by appointment only - first registered, first served. Call on Monday morning for the Friday workshop. There is no cost, but the workshop is for HAL members only! Call (713) 993-3300 to schedule your time!