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The HAL-PC Senior Learning Center, in the Clear Lake Area, opened for business January 7th, 1997. The CEO of the Clear Lake Regional Medical Center provided the 1400 square foot facility. Southwestern Bell donated fourteen used computers, and $1,000 to upgrade their RAM to enable us to run WIN 95. By the end of the third week, we had recruited a total of six volunteers. We taught one course, Beginners.
Today, we are in the same rent-free facility we started in. We have twenty-eight new computers, running WIN XP, all on a LAN connected by a WAN to the HAL-PC computers on Post Oak Place Dr. We have forty-three volunteers, including three of the original six. One other has retired and two have passed on to a better place. Our regular volunteers are subdivided into three main groups, instructors, office workers, and technicians. We also have several occasional volunteers who present topics in their areas of expertise at SIGs and teach mini courses. Visit them at

For information on Clear Lake Courses, see the Clear Lake Course web page.