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HAL-PC Special Interest Groups

How to Start a New SIG

If you see the need for a SIG and want to start a new one, your first step is to see if other members are interested in attending. Try attending a SIG whose members might be interested in your topic. For example, if you want to start a SIG on Digital Video, you might try approaching the members of the Digital Imaging or Multi-Media SIGs. You can publish a note in the eBulletin (contact the webmaster) asking interested members to contact you, or you could make an announcement at a General Meeting. There is also a white board with SIG announcements at Headquarters where you could write a note.

When you know you have interest, check out the SIG calendar to find a date and time for your SIG to meet. Then send a proposal to the VP-SIGs with your name and contact information, the name and objective of your proposed SIG, proposed meeting date and time, when you want to start and who the SIG leader will be (it doesn't have to be you!)

Once your SIG has been approved, you'll need to publicize!

  1. Write an introductory blurb for publication in the magazine and send it to the magazine editor
  2. Send your information to the webmaster for publication on the HAL-PC website and monthly eBulletin.
  3. Send an email to the VP-SIGs with your meeting date and time as well as your contact information and SIG website URL if you have one for the SIG calendar
  4. Send an email to the SIG Notes editor with the SIG note to print in the magazine. Look in your magazine for examples
  5. Every month send your program notes to the webmaster 5 days before the end of the month for inclusion in the eBulletin.