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Yes! HALNet Offers ADSL!

Want the speed and convenience of an always-on broadband connection without the hassles of foreign call centers or notoriously poor customer service? HALNet has an ADSL plan for every user! ADSL users can talk on the phone and surf the Internet at the same time with only one phone line. And when your ADSL comes from HALNet, you can surf with up to 3 computers at the same time WITHOUT buying a router!

Enjoy local technical support! Other providers have moved their technical support to other countries. With your HALNet support is across town, not across the ocean! In fact, you can come down to the HAL-PC offices and speak to our tech support face-to-face!

Here's what our customers have to say about HALNet, their local, independent service provider:

"I had ADSL with Southwestern Bell. Every time I called it was a different person, a different answer, and no results. They told me they "tried to call" but I never had any messages or calls from them. You have a real office and I can have actual "face time" if I need it."

"I like having 3 IP addresses without a router. HALNet's service is very stable, and there is no proprietary software to install. Plus, you have great support!"

"I was referred to HALNet by a good friend. I like that you're right here in Houston. Your service/support is great - you speak English and you actually know your stuff!"

"I appreciate dealing with a local, non-profit company. I'm very satisfied with your support, and I appreciate being able to come see you in person if required."

"It's a relief to find a DSL provider that supports operating systems other than Windows!"

"Your service may cost a little more than the national chains, but you're definitely worth it!!"

Here's How to Get HALNet ADSL!

You must have an AT&T phone line
HALNet's ADSL network operates over AT&T phone lines (Formerly SBC). We currenly cannot serve households with Alltel, Sprint, Verizon (GTE) or other telephone companies.

You must be in the Houston LATA
HALNet's ADSL reaches throughout the Houston LATA (Local Access Transport Area). The Houston LATA includes area codes 281, 713, 832, and some numbers in 936, 409, and 979, covering the area from Navasota on the north to Galveston on the south, and Bay City on the west to Beaumont on the east.

Call us to verify eligibility and intitate service
Call HAL-PC headquarters at 713-993-3300 (Monday through Friday between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.) and ask for an ADSL specialist. We will check your telephone number and tell you immediately if your number is eligible. If you choose to initiate service, the activation request will be made during that call. You’ll also be given the activation date, which is usually about a week later.

Receive and install your equipment
When you sign up, you’ll receive a starter kit containing a leased modem, cables, filters for your phone line, and a CD containing complete, illustrated instructions. This information is also posted on-line . You can either pick up the starter kit at 4543 Post Oak Place Dr. or have it shipped to you for only $12.95. Plug in the DSL modem, power it on and wait for activation.

Call now -- we'll get you on your way to fast, reliable broadband from local people you know and trust!