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HALNet ADSL Packages

Kick Your Internet Into High Gear

NOTE: There is a $2.50 per month surcharge for generating an invoice.
You can avoid this surcharge by putting your account on AUTORENEW.
Just provide a current credit card,
and your monthly cost will be authomatically charged.

Call for pricing on our ADSL packages!

  • Express service
    Fast, always on service
    Transfer rates: 1.5M downstream, 256-384k upstream
    Shop online
    Surf the web
    Instant message

  • Pro service
    Even faster downloads
    Transfer rates: 1.5-3M downstream, 384-608k upstream
    Watch movie trailers
    Download music

  • Elite service
    BLAZING speed!
    Transfer rates: 3-6M downstream, 512-768k upstream
    Streaming video
    Faster media downloads
    Great online gaming

  1. Self-Install Kit ($12.95 Shipping and Handling Charge): HAL-PC ADSL Packages include the use of a self-install kit, including an ADSL modem.

  2. Dial-Up Service ($5.00 per month): HALNet ADSL packages include dial-up access in most Texas locations**. You can add dial up to nationwide access numbers*** for only $5.00 per month.

  3. Premium Filtering Service ($2.00 per month): Anti-spam and virus filtering service is available to end users at an additional charge of $2 per month. See the Filter Information Page for full details on this service.

  4. Need even faster transfer rates? We pride ourselves on personal service and will work with you to provide a service package that fills your needs. Email for details.