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Postini Email Filtering System

Tired of trying to stay ahead of the virus plague? Can't keep up with spam by creating your own filters? HALNet offers a service to block incoming email spam and viruses - before they ever reach your in-box!

Our Postini Junk Email Assistant blocks up to 95% of incoming spam. Intelligent filters evaluate each message's characteristics to determine the likelihood of an email being considered spam. And because "one mans trash is another man's treasure", there are easy to use settings to let you personally configure the filter categories and aggressiveness to meet your unique needs. Set blocking sensitivities to get-rich-quick schemes, racially insensitive content, sexually explicit content and offers, and too-good-to-be-true special offers. Any email matching your spam settings is quarantined to a web-based Message Center before it ever reaches your inbox. After applying your personal filters, you will find your spam problem disappears.

Postini Virus Protection Assistant blocks malicious viruses from reaching your inbox, and threatening your computer. Leveraging a worldwide virus-tracking network operated by Internet virus leader McAfee, you can be automatically protected from fast-moving virus outbreaks without being required to install software or hardware. Once a virus-infected message is quarantined, you are immediately notified via email. The message is safely stored on a web-based Message Center where you can review the message without threatening your system. Since 80% of computer viruses are distributed by email, Virus Protection Assistant is the most convenient and affordable way to be protected from ever-increasing email viruses.

Never a lost email! Suspicious email is quarantined in your web-based message center and you are periodically notified when suspicious messages are detained. View the quarantined messages in your message center and decide if you want any of them to be delivered. On a mailing list (or someone's endless cc: list?) - add them to your preferred senders list and their messages will not be blocked! Want to never hear from a bothersome correspondent again? Add them to your blocked senders list and don't be bothered again!

You can upgrade your HALNet account to a 'protected' package with BOTH these new services for only an additional $2.00 per month! It's easy. Just e-mail or call the office at (713) 993-3300 with the email address you would like the service added to and we'll set you up right away! After the 30-day trial period, the Postini fee will be automatically added to your monthly billing. To cancel, call the office at (713) 993-3300.

NOTE: the Postini service is for HALNet subscribers ONLY.