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Additional HALNet Email Accounts

Your HALNet account comes with 10 email accounts. By default, you are set up with one userid/email address. To set up additional email addresses, go to Account Information, log in, and click on the "Add a free email address" link. The new email address will have the same login password as your primary account until you change it!

If you need more than 10 email accounts, additional e-mail only accounts are $3.00 per month per additional address. The primary account holder will be invoiced via e-mail for the additional amount due after the account is set up.

  1. Secondary e-mail accounts are limited to family members or significant others CURRENTLY residing in the same domicile as the account holder.
  2. Dial up connections must be made from the primary account.
  3. An e-mail account connection is limited to sending and receiving e-mail ONLY and has a 1 minute idle timer--don't try to read your e-mail online.
  4. The primary account holder is responsible for any administrative, civil, or criminal penalties associated with the misuse of this account.
  5. Additional email accounts will have the same password as the primary account until changed by the account holder.