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Does HAL-PC automatically offer this service to HALNet subscribers?
Yes. If your Internet provider isn't protecting you, maybe you should consider switching. It does not protect email only subscribers, only dial-up and DSL subscribers.

Will it protect my email?
Not directly. HALNet does offer Postini filtering for that. However, if you do get a phishing email that wants you to click on a link rather than reply via email with your info, then it can protect you.

How much will this cost me/raise my rates?
Your rates will not change. This is a FREE service!

Can I get rid of my AntiVirus Software?
Absolutely NOT! While this new service will enhance your protection, it is not perfect. No solution is perfect. Not this, not your anti-virus software, not anyone else’s anti-virus software. But the more hurdles a criminal needs to jump in order to infect your computer or steal your accounts, the less likely they are to succeed. And this service is continually updated with new sites, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, even Christmas.

Will it work with my operating system?
Yes. It is completely independent of your operating system.

Will it work with my web browser?
Yes. It is completely independent of the web browser. It works even with specialized devices, such as a Roku box.

Can I opt-out?
If you think you don't need this, you’re most likely wrong. You can't opt-out directly, but since it only protects you if you are using HAL's DNS servers, if you use someone else's, you will no longer have the protection.

Will it protect me from/block adult content?
We are not using this as a censorship service. It will only try to block phishing and malware distributing sites. It should not affect any other type of websites.

What changes do I need to make?
None. This is automatic.

What happens if I try to go to a phishing or malware site?
If the site is one that has been ID'd as a phishing or malware site, then instead of loading the site and infecting your computer or stealing your account(s), you'll get on OpenDNS blocked page. Click here to view a screen shot.

Will it hurt my privacy?
No. While it is true that another company will have all your DNS requests, they will not be able to tell your requests from another HALNet member. Remember that the US government already has been snooping on all your communications. Google can link every search with your IP address. These are far, far greater threats to privacy.

For those wanting extra privacy, HALNet does offer a proxy server which will give you additional privacy, as well as making most websites load faster (

Doesn't my web browser already protect me?
Some web browsers do have phishing and malware protection. IE7+, modern versions of Firefox, and Opera all offer some protection. But as mentioned earlier, no protection is perfect. This doesn't replace their protection, but complements it.