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HAL-PC Board of Directors

Board approved minutes of the March 25, 2014 Board of Directors Regular Meeting with corrections, changes, additions by the Board.

MINUTES OF March 25, 2014
Houston Area League of PC Users, Inc.
4543 Post Oak Place
Houston, Texas 77027


Annette Story        President
Bill Jameson           First V.P SIGs            
Ruben Garza          V.P. Programs                 (Absent)
Mike Wilson           V.P. Communications      
Jim Story               Membership Secretary
Alan Herd               Recording Secretary       
Donna LeNoir         Executive Committee     
Elizabeth Lunden    Executive Committee
Member: Jeff Watson

I. Call meeting to Order at 7:18 pm: Annette Story

II. Approval of Minutes for BOD: Annette Story
•February 25, 2014
                    •motion to accept as corrected
•moved by Jim Story, second by Liz Lunden: PASSED

•January 25, 2014
                    •motion to bring minutes for 01/25/2014 off the table
                              •moved by Jim Story, second by Liz Lunden: PASSED

          •proposed by Liz Lunden to expand content and submit revisions to
                   •vision for HAL-PC
                   •vision for HALNet
                   •search committee

          •motion to table minutes for 01/25/2014
                   •moved by Donna LeNoir, second by Jim Story: PASSED

III. BOD Membership Addition: Bill Jameson
          •candidate Jeff Watson presented and nominated by Bill Jameson
                   •motion to approve by Bill Jameson, second by Mike Wilson: PASSED

          •Jeff Watson signed Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Statement forms

IV. Finances: (figures rounded to closest $100): Annette Story
          •Bank of Texas:                   $  1,800                    03/25/2014
          •Prosperity Bank:
                   #1691                       $ 13,000                    03/25/2014
                   #7953                          30,000          03/25/2014

                   •Checking accounts total $ 43,000               03/25/2014         

          •motion to accept report by Jim Story, second by Bill Jameson: PASSED

V. Report on e-mail interruptions: Mike Wilson
          •blocking attack occurred because of spam list block
                   •majority of spam listings arose from non-members holding email
                             •about 50 subscribers are paid up for email without HAL-PC

          •recommendations for the BOD
                   •publish warning on web page
•"don't get trapped by phishing requests for PWs"
                   •suspend email accounts that become infected when HAL-PC
 membership lapses 90 days

          •motion to publish prominently on our website a warning regarding phishing
   with a description of hazard of phishing
                   •moved by Donna LeNoir, second by Liz Lunden: PASSED

          •motion to revise the Terms of Service  
•stating that non-member email only accounts will not receive
technical support from HAL-PC.
                   •moved by Liz Lunden, second by Jim Story: PASSED

VI. Adjourn to call Executive Session at 9:31 pm
          (NG Generator, Draw for Realtor, Employee Salary Increase, HAL-PC Facility
 Search, Clear Lake Facility)
          •motion to adjourn Donna LeNoir, second by Jim Story: PASSED