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HAL-PC Board of Directors

Board approved minutes of the February 25, 2014 Board of Directors Regular Meeting with corrections, changes, additions by the Board.

MINUTES OF February 25, 2014
Houston Area League of PC Users, Inc.
4543 Post Oak Place
Houston, Texas 77027


Annette Story        President
Bill Jameson           First V.P SIGs            
Ruben Garza          V.P. Programs                 (Absent)
Mike Wilson           V.P. Communications      
Jim Story               Membership Secretary
Alan Herd               Recording Secretary       
Donna LeNoir         Executive Committee     
Elizabeth Lunden    Executive Committee
Member: Jeff Watson

I. Call meeting to Order at 7:10 pm: Annette Story

II. Approval of Minutes for BOD

•December 10 reviewed
                   •motion to accept by Jim Story, second by Liz Lunden : PASSED
•January 21 reviewed
•motion to accept by Jim Story, second by Liz Lunden : PASSED

          •January 25 consideration tabled

III. Finances: (figures rounded to nearest $100)

          •Bank of Texas:                $   1,800
          •Prosperity Bank:
                   #1691                     $  18,600       02/25/2014        
#7953                         25,200       02/25/2014
  •Checking accounts total   $  43,800

           •Aging Amount (invoices to be paid this month): $26,000
              ($25,000 scheduled for payment on Thursday, 2/27/2014)

             •motion to accept report by Bill Jameson, second by Liz Lunden: PASSED  

IV.  Paradox Application signing in and out All HAL-PC Workers: Annette Story
          •Paid Staff
                   •Front Desk
                   •SIG Leaders

V. New Announcement for Approach on HAL-PC Web Site
          •propose committee to receive suggestions and review content
VI. Board of Directors Candidates Needed
          •positions for 15
          •current total of 8
VII. Locating HAL-PC Facility
          •3 locations under consideration
          •detailing lists of facilities required for each location
                   •list for each facility will be submitted to each contractor

VIII. Other Business
          •HAL-NET servers
•proposed plans include drop-box applications

          •Welcome Letter and Confirmation Letter
                   •letters used previously will be retrieved

          •Donation of computer equipment
                   •letter to be written
                   •Website acknowledgement

          •New Volunteers for office work at Post Oak Headquarters and Clear Lake
                   •to be announced on website

X. Adjourn meeting to call Executive Session at 8:44 pm
(Search Committee, The Aldridge Company, Contract to Support Institution, Other)
          •motion to adjourn by Donna LeNoir, second by Jim Story: PASSED