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HAL-PC Board of Directors

Houston Area League of PC Users
Minutes for March 26, 2013
Board of Directors Meeting
Houston Area League of PC Users, Inc.
4543 Post Oak Place
Houston, Texas77027



Annette StoryPresident
First V.P.
John FurbyV.P. Programs
Mike WilsonV.P. Communications
Jerald LinsleyTreasurer (absent)
Andrew NairnMembership Secretary
Greg BrewerRecording Secretary
Gail ReabenExecutive Committee
Dennis WaltmanExecutive Committee
Bill BudellDirector (absent)
Will JamesonDirector
Jim LavisDirector
John MolsonDirector (absent)
Jim StoryDirector
Rubin GarzaDirector
Brenda Arceneaux
  1. Call to order at 7:00
  2. Approval of Minutes
    1. Approval of Minutes for special BOD meeting held on February 19, 2013.
      Approved as presented
    2. Approval of Minutes for regular BOD meeting held on February 26, 2013.
    3. Approved as presented
  3. Executive Committee Activities Report
    1. Presentation on Clear Lake Learning Center by George Roy and Elizabeth Lunden.
    2. Financial Status.
    3. October 1 to current rent payments.
    4. Financial Officer?
    5. Policy/process for determining if/when HAL equipment is surplus, how it’s to be disposed of, what approvals are required and from whom.
  4. Finance Report
    1. $36,364 is the balance
    2. Coming up, TAC, rent ($8K plus $500 until September)
    3. Christian bought HD, sent receipt for reimbursement
      MOTION: pay by G Brewer, Second by M Wilson PASSED
  5. Discussion and proposals by Will Jameson on Communication, Reports, and Rent.
    1. Board motions shall be email; vote it up or down at next meeting
    2. Contact from membership shall go through VP Communications
    3. Credit and debit card charges shall have minimum of $10
  6. Jerald Linsley’s resignation as Treasurer and director.
    MOTION: accept by J Story, second by J Furby PASSED
  7. Approve Kojo Idrissa as Chair of Education Committee. PASSED
  8. All Board members need to sign a Confidentiality Statement.
    1. Proposed statement passed out to board
    2. Objections:
      1. does not define what is confidential and proprietary.
      2. parts are not covered confidentiality as required by bylaws.
      3. unenforcable - no bylaw requirement that anyone sign it.
    3. There is agreement that there is need for something like this.
    4. We will rework it to address objections
  9. Approve a new model for SIGS at HAL-PC by Brenda Arceneaux
    The Sig is called Information Technology Services (ITS).

    Description:  Create a "department" at HAL-PC called Information Technology Services (ITS).  The department would be run by the Director who also is an appointed (not elected) SIG leader of the SIG called Information Technology Services (ITS).  The Director and SIG leader would be Brenda Arceneaux.  The SIG leader would then create a program called "Hal-PC Geeks On Duty."  The purpose of the program is to attract colleges to give credit hours to their students in Computer Technology programs. This program could be used to help the Saturday PC Workshop for PCs SIG that allows members to bring their computer to be fixed as a perk for being a Hal-PC member.

    Brenda Arceneaux may have a maximum of 5 minutes at the meeting to give more information and answer questions.

    MOTION: accept by A. Nairn. Second by G. Reaben PASSED
  10. Alternative to Boomerang cards traditionally used at HAL for protecting PCs from unauthorized changes.
    1. Choices
      1. Shadow Defender
      2. Deep Freeze
      3. Fortress
    2. Deep Freeze may be better but price is per year
    3. Fortress was offered as a possibility.
    4. It is possible that there may be a special for non-profits on Deep Freeze
    5. Shadow Defender is presented as the software to beat in the selection process
    6. To move forward, we need approval to purchase enough copies of something for education
    MOTION: Authorize purchase of software after evaluation determines best choice. Price not to exceed $35 per machine; 12 machines maximum. By G. Brewer. Second by J. Lavis. PASSED
  11. Other business
    1. Start meetings earlier.
      MOTION: Start meetings at 7pm. by G. Reaben, Second by J. Story? Passed
    2. Dialup.
      1. We have to providers: PacWest and IKANO.
      2. Propose we move all users to IKANO for considerable savings
      3. Number for local users will change; same number for national
      4. Followup email from M. Wilson for exact number.
      MOTION: discontinue PacWest and move all dialup to IKANO. PASSED
    3. MOTION: that we go into executive session. By J. Lavis. Second by J. Story. PASSED
  12. Adjourn (After 10:35, exact time is unknown as Recording Secretary was unable to stay until end.)