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HAL-PC Board of Directors

Board approved minutes of the October 22, 2013 Board of Directors Regular Meeting with corrections, changes, additions by the Board.

MINUTES OF October 22, 2013
Houston Area League of PC Users, Inc.
4543 Post Oak Place
Houston, Texas 77027


Annette Story        President
Bill Jameson           First V.P SIGs
Ruben Garza          V.P. Programs
Mike Wilson           V.P. Communications        
Jim Story               Membership Secretary
Alan Herd               Recording Secretary
Donna LeNoir         Executive Committee
Elizabeth Lunden    Executive Committee

Member: Claudia Ludwig

I. Call to Order at 7:07 pm: Annette Story

II. Board Meeting versus Executive Committee Meeting
          •Review BOD Meeting Minutes of April 26
                   •Issue concerning quorum
          •Note that corrections will be required on past records of Minutes
          •Schedule for future BOD Meetings
                   •Regular BOD Meetings 4th Tuesday every month
                   •Special Meetings will be BOD Meetings        
                   •Executive Committee Meetings will be scheduled as required                       
             •Motion by Liz Lunden, second by Jim Story: PASSED
 (Donna LeNoir abstained)

III. Approval of minutes for BOD Meeting
          •Meeting held on September 24, 2013
          •Motion approve as corrected by Donna LeNoir, second Liz Lunden: PASSED

IV. Finances
          •Prosperity Bank
                   •first account         $13,412.95
                   •depository           $27,555.77
                   •total:                  $40,968.32
          •Bank of Texas: no change recorded (previous $1,676.58)
     •Request to IRS for extension of filing the 990 form
          •Contact for accountant to be completed

V. HCC 2013 Fall Job Fair Report
          •2 people represented HAL-PC at the Fair
                   •Bill Jameson:
                             •Met 10 or so possible candidates with 5 very good prospects
                             •Sent them applications and invited interviews
          •Next meeting coming up Wed Oct 30  5-7pm

VI. Telephone numbers and alternate e-mail addresses

VII. eMail
          •Documents renewed but still occasional squirrel access obstructed
          •Outages occurred twice

VIII. Volunteer Work
          •Mr. Tom Skerl installed another newer server into network
                   •firewall installed

IX. Other
          •Prospects for new location are under intense review

X. Adjourn Meeting to Call Executive Session at 8:14 pm
          •Motion to adjourn by Jim Story, second by Donna LeNoir:PASSED