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HAL-PC Board of Directors

Board approved minutes of the September 24, 2013 Board of Directors Special Meeting with corrections, changes, additions by the Board.

MINUTES OF September 24, 2013
Houston Area League of PC Users, Inc.
4543 Post Oak Place
Houston, Texas 77027


Annette Story        President
Bill Jameson           First V.P SIGs
Ruben Garza          V.P. Programs
Mike Wilson           V.P. Communications        
Jim Story               Membership Secretary
Alan Herd               Recording Secretary
Donna LeNoir         Executive Committee
Elizabeth Lunden    Executive Committee

Member: Claudia Ludwig

I. Call to Order at 7:12 pm: Annette Story

II. Approval of Minutes of meeting 9/17/2013: Annette Story
          •Approved as corrected to Special Executive Committee Meeting
                   •moved - Jim , second - Bill: PASSED
III. Bank Account: Annette Story
           •balance: (first account)     available  $12,467.75           
                    (depository account) available   $19,147.83         
              •Total available                             $31,615.58

      •Bank of Texas (8/1 - 8/31/2013)   $1,676.58
     •QuickBooks Aging Summary of Accounts payable $22,757.50
          (invoices into the future)

IV. Board Meeting versus Executive Committee Meeting: Annette Story
          •inquiry of previous members to BOD
                   •agreed it was passed but not actually located in the minutes
          •bylaws (in 3 places) quorum reached by majority of authorized board
                   •at present we have 8 board members and a quorum is 5
                             ("interpretation of the bylaws")
                   (ref. Christian Hanlon was President and Erika was recs)

V. HCC 2013 Fall Job Fair
          •reservation made Sept 24, 2013
                   •contact name needed
          •openings: replacement for
                             •Modem Bob - technical
                             •Angie - accounts receivable

VI. E-mail Certificates: Mike Wilson
          •ticket turned in on the 12th
                   •lapsed and has been corrected
          •two-year renewal of certification established
          •account in Robert's name (and should be HAL-PC)
                   •contact Robert and ask to transfer to HAL-PC

VII. Volunteer Work: Annette Story
          •furniture moved for carpet cleaning in A
          •need help for furniture moving in B for next weekend

VIII. Other:
       •Bill Jameson
            •On-line magazine:
                   •vision of the magazine
                   •purpose and goals of magazine
                             •marketing outreach to attract membership
               •target: general market presented as a reason to join HAL-PC
                        •members links by special access
               •archive: complexity and indexing
                         •where to store - available on www for access by browsers
       •Annette Story
            •ID cards: magnetic card is expensive
                      •optical (bar code) less expensive   
                   •choice of card depending on price
         •Room rentals
                   •Mentor Sans Institute using A for 11 weeks     

IX. Adjourn Meeting to call Executive Session Meeting: Annette Story  8:45 pm
          •Move - Bill, second - Donna