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HAL-PC Board of Directors

Board approved minutes of the August 27, 2013
Regular Board of Directors Meeting
with corrections, changes, additions by the Board.

MINUTES OF August 27, 2013
Houston Area League of PC Users, Inc.
4543 Post Oak Place
Houston, Texas 77027

Annette Story, President
Bill Jameson, First V.P SIGs
Ruben Garza, V.P. Programs
Mike Wilson, V.P. Communications
Jim Story, Membership Secretary
Alan Herd, Recording Secretary
Donna LeNoir, Executive Committee (Absent)
Elizabeth Lunden, Executive Committee

HAL-PC Members: Raymond Catheart

I.    Call to Order at 7:07 pm: Annette Story

II.    Approval of Minutes: Annette Story

  1. August 6: correction to insert date in header
    • Motion to approve with correction - Jim Story, second - Liz London: PASSED    
  2. August 13:
    • Motion to approve - Jim Story, second - Liz London: PASSED  
  3. August 20:
    Motion to approve - Liz London, second - Jim Story: PASSED        

III.    Bank Balance: Annette Story

• Prosperity Bank: total balance checking accounts
• $37,287.98 and $36,635.22

IV.  HAL-PC Headquarters facility: Bill Jameson

• Revision of space leased to include storage area of 150 sq ft
• total 6850 sq ft
• No progress reported about choosing among new prospects

VI.  Report on Senior Learning Center, Clear Lake: Liz Lunden

• Open June, 2013 (after transfer from previous location)
• 400 of current HAL-PC members in Clear Lake zipcodes
• new members: 12
• renewals: 13
• Space: 800 sq ft
• 1 class room
• 1 workshop
• Classes
• Windows 8 Mini Course 3 hours
• Computer literacy

VII. Report on Survey at General Meeting: Liz Lunden

• Review of general comments

VIII. Schedule BOD Special Meetings every Tuesday until 12/31/2013
(between Regular Meetings on every 4th Tuesday of every month)

• Motion - Jim Story, second - Bill Jameson: PASSED

IX.  New Business: Jim Story

• Radio Station 92.1
• PSA (free) plus Spot advertising ($195 for 30 seconds)
• for HAL-PC visibility to attract new members                  
• Jim will get more information before making a specific recommendation to BOD

X.   Next BOD Special Meeting scheduled for August 27, 2013

XI.  Adjourn Meeting to Call Executive Session at 8:09 pm: 

• Motion to adjourn - Jim Story, second - Bill Jameson: PASSED