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HAL-PC Board of Directors

Houston Area League of PC Users, Inc.
4543 Post Oak Place
Houston, Texas 77027

HAL-PC Board of Directors Special Meeting: August 13, 2013 at 7:00 pm

Annette Story, President
Bill Jameson, First V.P SIGs
Ruben Garza, V.P. Programs
Mike Wilson, V.P. Communications (Absent)              
Jim Story, Membership Secretary
Alan Herd, Recording Secretary
Donna LeNoir, Executive Committee
Elizabeth Lunden, Executive Committee

Minutes for Meeting August 13, 2013      

I.    Call to Order at 7:13 pm: Annette Story

II.    Review of minutes for July 23: Annette Story
            • Corrections
            • Motion to accept as corrected - Jim Story,
              second - Liz Lunden: PASSED

III.   Status of Jim Lavis as Member of Board of Directors: Annette Story
            • Membership in HAL-PC a requirement for Board of Directors
            • Jim Lavis d/c membership in HAL-PC June, 2013
            • Motion to acknowledge Jim Lavis having d/c membership
               is no longer qualified for BOD
                        • Moved - Liz Lunden, second - Donna LeNoir: PASSED

IV. Finances: Annette Story
            • Bank account balances
                        • Prosperity Bank (in 2 accounts): current checking account
                           balances total $28,244.42
                        • Bank of Texas: $1,200

V.   Raffle: Ruben Garza
            • Questions to Richard Bennoch
                        • tax liabilities and payments to lottery winner
                        • ownership issues as to who owns what when?
                • Answers not yet available                             
            • Discussion of pledges until $100,000 pledged before purchasing a
            • Motion to table discussions for 1 year - Bill Jameson,
               second - Alan Herd
                        • For (3), Against (3), Abstain (1): NOT APPROVED

VI. HAL-PC Headquarters: Bill Jameson
            • Space requirements
                        • Current location is 6,665 sq ft
                        • Proposals for new location
                                    • Discussion about
                                                • increased requirements for dedicated
                                                  classrooms and workshops
                                                • requirements for SIG meetings
                                                   without dedicated space for classes
            • Any prospects identified by anyone should be reported to Bill

VII. Date for next meeting: Annette Story
            • BOD Special Meeting on August 20, 2013
                        • Motion to schedule - Bill Jameson,
                          second - Jim Story: PASSED

VIII. Next BOD Regular Meeting already scheduled for August 27, 2013

IX.   Adjourn BOD Special Meeting at 8:30 pm to call Executive Session
            • Moved - Donna LeNoir, second - Liz Lunden: PASSED