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HAL-PC Board of Directors

Houston Area League of PC Users
Minutes for July 9, 2013
Executive Committee Meeting
        7:14 pm
Houston Area League of PC Users, Inc.
4543 Post Oak Place
Houston, Texas 77027

HAL-PC Executive Committee

Annette Story, President
Bill Jameson, First V.P SIGs
Ruben Garza, V.P. Programs
Mike Wilson, V.P. Communications                   
Andrew Nairn, Treasurer
Jim Story, Membership Secretary
Alan Herd, Recording Secretary
Donna LeNoir, Executive Committee
Elizabeth Lunden, Executive Committee (Absent)

Executive Committee Meeting

I.     Call to Order at 7:07 pm: Annette Story
II.    Financial Report: Andrew Nairn
       • Preliminary (until all of the several sources of information have been
        • Total HALNet Revenue                               $19,748.80
        • Total HALNet Expenses                              (12,526.60)
        • Net                                                        $  7,222.20

        • HAL-PC Membership                                   $  9,120.83          
        • HAL-PC Expenses (Incl Clear Lake)                (17,057.76)   
        • Net                                                        ($ 7,936.93)
III.   Adjourn the EC Meeting at 7:35 pm to continue in Executive Session
       Motion to adjourn - Jim Story, Second - Donna LeNoir: PASS