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HAL-PC Board of Directors

Houston Area League of PC Users
Minutes of November 27, 2012
Board of Directors Meeting
Houston Area League of PC Users, Inc.
4543 Post Oak Place
Houston, Texas77027
Attendees (8):
Christian Hanlon President
Erika Hanlon First V.P.
John Furby V.P. Programs
Mike Wilson V.P. Communications
Jerald Linsley Treasurer (absent)
Rick Archibald Executive Committee (absent)
Gail Reaben Executive Committee (absent)
Greg Brewer Recording Secretary
Bill Budell Director (absent)
Will Jameson Director (absent)
Jim Lavis Director
John Molson Director (absent)
Annette Story Director
Jim Story Director
Dennis Waltman Director
  1. Call to order at 7:40p.m.
  2. Approval of Minutes
    1. Approval of Minutes for regular BOD meeting held on October 23, 2012
      Aprove minutes as corrected.
      Moved by Annette Story, Seconded by Dennis Waltman. Passed.
  3. Executive Committee Activities Report
    1. New Equipment
      1. 3 new monitors have been purchased for $99 each and deployed
      2. We will purchase 1 new computer for front desk.
        Motion: authorize purchase of computer for up to $200. Passed.
    2. We will be selling membership Gift Certificates
    3. We have set up new pricing for DSL
  4. Finance Report - Annette Story reporting
    1. Clear Lake has new internet, Verizon has been cancelled with a penalty paid.
    2. The Treasurer is paying insurance month to month; Annette thinks this is a bad idea.
  5. Employee healthcare reimbursement
    There is concern that simple reimbursement for actual expenses will have tax consequences that we do not fully understand and have not been able find an answer. We expect that we will be told what we should have done at some point in the future; for this reason, we will decrease the maximum reimbursement to fund that future cost.
    Motion: HAL will pay up to $350 per month for major medical health benefits to full time employees; receipt required. Actual implementation is up to finance committee. Greg motioned and Erika seconded. Passed!
  6. Employee Vacation for employees
    Most employees currently take unpaid time off. Paid vacation days are generally considered a good idea but there is a fear that the increased cost will be a problem. Tabled!
  7. Investigate a new agency for employee outsourcing
    Reimbursing employees for major medical health insurance is acceptable as a temporary measure; however, the overall problem is that current agency cannot offer an affordable policy. Will be taken up by the executive committee and placed on next month’s agenda.
  8. Motion: Increase the returned check fee to $35.00 effective immediately. Passed.
  9. Adjourned at 9:00pm.