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HAL-PC Board of Directors

Houston Area League of PC Users
Minutes for August 28, 2012
Board of Directors Meeting
7:15 pm

Attendees (11):
Christian Hanlon, President
Erika Hanlon, First V.P., Recording Secretary
John Furby, V.P. Programs
Mike Wilson, V.P. Communications
Jerald Linsley, Treasurer
Rick Archibald, Executive Committee
Greg Brewer, Director
Bill Budell, Director (absent)
Will Jameson, Director
Jim Lavis, Director (absent)
John Molson, Director (absent)
Gail Reaben, Director
Annette Story, Director
Jim Story, Director
Dennis Waltman, Director (absent)

I. Call to order at 7:25 pm

II. Approval of Minutes for regular BOD meeting held on July 24, 2012
Motion by Christian Hanlon, Seconded by Rick Archibald. Passed.

III. Executive Committee Activities Report

Change the non-member DSL setup fee from $20 to $25 dollars.
Rationale is that this was originally set at 50% of membership cost, but
never updated when membership was increased.
Motion to increase the non-member DSL setup fee from $20 to $25.
Moved by Jerald Linsley, Seconded by John Furby. Passed.

Continue Offering Email Only or Increase Price?
For ex-DSL customers who are not members, some staff members think it's not
worth the administration headache to let them keep their email address
for $3/month.
Recommend $5 per month email only charge - get 10 email addresses
Motion: Raise the email only price from $3 to $5 a month.
Moved by Greg Brewer, Seconded by John Furby. Passed.
Opposed: Rick Archibald, Annette Story, Jim Story

Pricing changes must be approved by BOD vote.
Vote Passed.

IV. Election of One Director to Serve as an additional Executive Committee Member
Rick Archibald nominates Gail Reaben. Seconded by Gail Reaben. Passed.

V. Conduct of HAL-PC Meetings
For reference, the HAL-PC Bylaws state: "Unless otherwise specified, Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall govern the procedures of HAL-PC for all HAL-PC meetings."

- This statement needs to be clarified when the bylaws are updated. It is unclear if the phrase "unless otherwise specified" means specified in the bylaws or specified by the BOD.

BOD meetings will follow Robert's Rules - Procedure in Small Boards (Section 49 - Boards).

VI. Policy for Creating and Revising HAL-PC Procedures

- Is there currently a Master copy of the procedures? No.
- Need a depository for all of the current procedures.
- The electronic location should be printed at the bottom of every document.
- There are certain procedures that require security. A component of the procedure document should be the level of confidentiality/visibility.
- Procedures need to be web accessible by the BOD.

The Executive Committee has the authority to create policies and procedures and can delegate them to other committees or officers if they choose to do so. The BOD will be notified when policies or procedures are created, and they will be made available for review by the BOD.
Moved by Christian Hanlon, Seconded by Greg Brewer. Passed.

VII. Classes at HAL-PC

A. Curriculum or not?

B. Fees

C. Instructor Qualifications
- Education Committee chair took care of this in the past.

D. Instructor Pay

- Need to look for someone who can serve as a lead of this effort. This would normally be the Education Committee chair.
- Previously when classes were taught here: paid instructors 50% of class earnings, 20% discount for members.
- Teachers would not teach a class if it was too small because there would not be a lively discussion, and less money was earned.
- Get in touch with Clear Lake and find out what they do, so we don't have to reinvent everything.

VIII. Motion to approve HAL-PC Equipment Donation Policy:
"Henceforth HAL-PC will accept only donated equipment. No equipment loans will be accepted. Donated equipment may be earmarked for a general purpose, but HAL-PC reserves the right to use the equipment differently if another use is deemed more appropriate."
Moved by Jerald Linsley. Seconded. Passed.
Opposed: Greg Brewer

Note: This motion applies to donations from this point forward. Equipment that is currently loaned to HAL-PC will remain loaned equipment.

IX. Finance - Jerald Linsley, Treasurer
- Working on gathering information for the form 990
- The depository account balance has decreased but has slightly leveled off.
- Annette Story needs to know the number of hours worked each week by each board member on BOD work from June 1 2011- May 31 2012.

X. Other business

Greg Brewer proposed starting events on the 5th Saturdays of the month that are open to the public to try to get people in here. There is only one SIG on the 5th Saturdays. One idea - Dell EqualLogic group could use the facility and promote their products.

XI. Adjourn at 9:07