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HAL-PC Board of Directors

Unapproved minutes of the June 23, 2011 regular Board of Directors Meeting.
Any corrections, changes, additions to these minutes will be provided following approval of the minutes by the Board.

Houston Area League of PC Users, Inc.
4543 Post Oak Place
Houston, Texas 77027


   Sibley Cooley              President (absent) 
   Claudia Ludwig             First Vice-President (SIGs)
   Sibley Cooley              Vice-President Programs (absent)
   open                       Vice-President Communications
   Annette Story              Recording Secretary
   DJ Brown                   Membership Secretary (absent)
   Jerald Linsley             Treasurer
Directors before Board of Directors Election:
   Robert Spotswood            Executive Committee
   John Furby                  Executive Committee
   Rick Archibald              Director
   Greg Brewer                 Director
   Bill Budell                 Director
   Marco Ferrufino             Director
   Meredith Foster             Director (absent)
   Jay Kraker                  Director (absent)
   Mary Ann Mitscherling       Director
   John Molson                 Director (absent)
   Charles Olsen               Director (absent)
   Kevin Peck                  Director (absent)
   Bernard Silverman           Director
   Jim Story                   Director
   Mike Wilson                 Director
Directors re-elected June 18, 2011
   Rick Archibald              Director
   Greg Brewer                 Director
   Bill Budell                 Director
   John Furby                  Director
   Mary Ann Mitscherling       Director
   John Molson                 Director (absent)
   Annette Story               Director
   Newly elected Directors, June 18, 2011
   Fernando Bobbio             Director (absent)
   Chris Hanlon                Director
   Erika Hanlon                Director
   Dennis Waltman              Director 

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I.The meeting was called to order at 7:16pm, Claudia Ludwig, First Vice President, presiding.
A."Conflict of Interest Statements" were given to online Board of Directors (BOD) candidates, who were present, to fill out.
B.The required quorum of 12 was reached based on the presence of BOD members who constituted the Board prior to the election because official certification of who had been elected had not yet been officially posted.

II.No Minutes.

A.President, presented by First Vice-President, Claudia Ludwig
  1.Claudia Ludwig passed out and read the attached "Presidents ReportJune23.txt" or "Presidents ReportJune23.doc."

B.First Vice-President (SIGs), Claudia Ludwig
  1.Claudia Ludwig passed out and read the attached "SIGs6-23Report.txt" or "SIGs6-23Report.doc."

C.Vice-President Programs, Sibley Cooley--Absent, no report.

D.Vice-President Communications, see III.A.President
  1.The Aldridge Company rules for email logon attempts are believed to be 7 attempts then a user gets blacklisted for 24 hours.

E.Membership Secretary, D J Brown--Absent, no report.

F.Treasurer, Jerald Linsley
  1.Problems with coordination of use of Quick Books in bank check reconciliations.
  2.Jerald said he had reconciled the Prosperity Bank checking account through September 2010.
  3.Will need to review closing of books from 2002 to May 31, 2011.
  4.James McElravy has sent a list of what he requires from HAL-PC to do the Tax Form 990 for year ending May 31, 2011.  He has not yet sent a Letter of Engagement.
  5.Work on the Budget and Financial Reports are scheduled to be next.

IV.Old Business
A.There was a discussion about the Security Control System's (SCS) CCURE software door security.  Mike Wilson brought up about membership card reading problems.  Robert Spotswood said that so far only 1 bid has been received and it was from the original provider.  Alternatives are being explored.
B.Greg Brewer moved to accept Jim Mehrmann's resignation from the HAL-PC Board of Directors.  The motion was seconded by Rick Archibald and passed.
C.After a discussion about whether to change the time for the next BOD meeting from 7:00pm, Jim Story moved, Annette Story seconded, and the motion passed to leave the time at 7:00pm so the next BOD meeting will be July 28, 2011, at 7:00pm.

V.New Business
A.Robert Spotswood submitted the following item for discussion:  "Discussion concerning HALNet Administrator."  (The discussion began.)
  1."Is the position of HALNet Administrator one that must be held by a Board Member?" (This was answered, "No."}
  2."How long should the term of the HALNet Administrator be before he or she [has] to be re-confirmed?  Should this be a Board decision or the decision of the VP Communications, if the office isn't vacant?  (This was not addressed.)
  3.If needed, based on previous 2 answers, motion to elect (or re-confirm) a HALNet Administrator."  (This did not need to be addressed.)
B.At 8:20pm, the official election results were posted on the HAL-PC web site so the newly elected Board Members were welcomed, completed "Conflict of Interest Statements" were collected, and those not yet seated were.  The number of HAL-PC Directors present was a quorum of 13.
C.The motion to hold elections for HAL-PC Officers was made, seconded, and passed.  A Director must receive a minimum of 12 votes to be elected an officer.  John Furby, Chair of the Search Committee [for BOD officers], reported and handed out the names of one Board Member candidate for each office except Vice-President Communications, Recording Secretary, and Membership Secretary.
  1.Rick Archibald nominated Annette Story for the office of President, Jerald Linsley seconded and moved to close the nominations to elect Annette by acclamation, which passed.
  2.Greg Brewer moved to give Claudia Ludwig a round of applause for her service as First Vice-President. [Applause.]
  3.Jerald Linsley nominated Fernando Bobbio for First Vice-President (SIGs), pending Fernando's signing "conflict of interest form."  This was seconded by John Furby.  Fernando was elected by 12 Votes after election by acclamation was objected to because Fernando had not signed "conflict of interest form."
  4.No nominations were made for Vice-President Communications.
  5.John Furby was nominated the Vice-President Programs by Jerald Linsley, a second was heard, the nominations closed, and John was elected.
  6.There were no nominations for Recording Secretary.  Annette Story remained Recording Secretary.
  7.There were no nominations for Membership Secretary.  DJ Brown remained Membership Secretary.
  8.Jerald Linsley was nominated Treasurer by Jim Story, seconded by John Furby.  There were no other nominations and Jerald was elected Treasurer. 
  9.Two Members of the Executive Committee were elected as follows.
  --Bernard Silverman was nominated a Member of the Executive Committee by Jerald Linsley, seconded by John Furby.  Bill Budell closed the nominations and Bernard was elected by acclamation.
  --Jerald Linsley nominated Rick Archibald a Member of the Executive Committee, seconded and closed by Dennis Waltman.  Rick was elected.

VI.Adjourned at 9:20pm, with an Executive Session to be called after adjournment to address internal security.

Annette Story
HAL-PC Recording Secretary