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HAL-PC Board of Directors

Houston Area League of PC Users
Board of Directors

Unapproved minutes of the October 28, 2010
regular Board of Directors Meeting.

Any corrections, changes, additions to these minutes will be
provided following approval of the minutes by the Board.

MINUTES OF October 28, 2010
Houston Area League of PC Users, Inc.
4543 Post Oak Place
Houston, Texas 77027


Sibley Cooley, President
Rick Archibald, First Vice President (SIGs)
Sibley Cooley, Vice President Programs
Jay Kraker, Vice President Communications
Annette Story, Recording Secretary
DJ Brown, Membership Secretary (absent)
(vacant) Treasurer

Robert Spotswood Executive, Committee
John Furby Executive, Committee
Greg Brewer, Director
Bill Budell, Director (absent)
Marco Ferrufino, Director (absent)
Meredith Foster, Director (absent)
Kojo Idrissa, Director (absent)
Jerald Linsley, Director
Claudia Ludwig, Director
Mary Ann Mitscherling, Director
John Molson, Director (absent)
Charles Olsen, Director
Kevin Peck, Director (absent)
Bernard Silverman, Director
Jim Story, Director
Jim Ward, Director
Mike Wilson, Director

1 Guest

I.The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm, Sibley Cooley presiding.

II.Minutes for the regular meeting held on August 24, 2010 were approved as corrected.


President, Sibley Cooley

  1. Claudia Ludwig moved to commend Tim Coyne for his volunteer work on the buttons for opening the suite doors. Seconded by Jim Ward and passed by the Board.
  2. Rick Archibald stated that Kojo Idrissa was on speakerphone at 7:13pm.
  3. Sibley Cooley stated there had been no help from Robert Gunn on the Security System.
  4. Sibley spoke about ways to get some needed money like advertising and better marketing penetration. He spoke about how HAL-PC at one time had education and teaching programs. He said we could get certifications to qualify for teaching from software companies like Adobe. Sibley stated he had talked with someone whose daughter wants animation classes.

First Vice President (SIGs), Rick Archibald

  1. Rick Archibald reported on the physical, as well as technical, move out of the server room.
  2. Status meetings of Robert Spotswood and Rick continue on Wednesdays with Shawn Anderson of The Aldridge Company (TAC) continues.
  3. Rick reported on the dial up going down and that the router at St. James Place required manual intervention.
  4. Rick reminded the Board that DJ Brown, Membership Secretary, is working on the statistical report on members and internet subscribers. Tonight DJ is in the debriefing for judges who participated in the University of Houston scholarship competition. Rick reported that membership is 3,200 and dial up is ahead of DSL in the number of users.
  5. Rick stated that the users' address books in CommuniGate have been found. How to get them to the users under Horde and Squirrelmail has to be developed.
  6. Rick said that Carla Cawlfield might do Craig's List for items that HAL-PC wants to sell.

Finance Committee, Annette Story & Rick Archibald
Annette Story passed out the 10/27/2010 Daily Forecast and the Unpaid Bills Report to the Board members. She pointed out the entries on the spreadsheet.

Vice President Programs, Sibley Cooley

  1. Sibley Cooley has a potential Treasurer candidate.
  2. Sibley knows some CPA's, Robert Sims and Randy, Robert's son.
  3. Sibley has presenters for programs when HAL-PC schedules dates.

Vice President Communications, Jay Kraker

  1. Jay Kraker presented the results of the online survey. The number of respondents was 75. The incentive for HAL-PC members to participate is a 1-year extension of membership. Donations are still needed to pay for the membership dues.
  2. Jay reminded the Board that the HAL-PC Website is still being redeveloped and support from identified Board Members for different parts of the Website such as HALNet, etc., is needed.
  3. Sibley Cooley thanked Jay for his presentation and his work on the Website.
  4. Jay is hopeful that a published magazine will again be in HAL-PC's future. Ads were mentioned as a way to pay for the magazine. Mary Ann Mitscherling cautioned that any ads in our magazine have to pertain to our business.

IV.Old Business

Since there were no candidates for Treasurer, President Sibley Cooley moved to announcing that the next Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for November 18, 2010.

V.New Business

Gary Loh, Jr., CCIM of LOH & CO, gave a status of the 2nd Amendment of the lease with the lessor RM Crowe.

Sibley Cooley, Annette Story, Rick Archibald, and John Furby gave Gary Loh praises for the great job he has done and continues to do in our negotiations with RM Crowe lease.

VI.After adjournment, an Executive Session will be held to read the minutes of the Executive Session of August 26, 2010.

A motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed.

An Executive Session followed.
Next regular Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for November 18, 2010.

Annette Story
HAL-PC Recording Secretary