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HAL-PC Board of Directors

                                  Houston Area League of PC Users, Inc.
                                               Board of Directors

Minutes of the February 25, 2010 regular Board of Directors Meeting.
Any corrections, changes, additions to these minutes will be provided following approval of the minutes by the Board.

MINUTES OF February 25, 2010
Houston Area League of PC Users, Inc.
4543 Post Oak Place
Houston, Texas 77027


John Furby President
Rick Archibald First Vice President (SIGs)
(vacant) Vice President Programs
Robert Spotswood Vice President Communications
Annette Story Recording Secretary
(vacant) Membership Secretary
George Vaughn Treasurer

Chris Read, Executive Committee (absent)
Jim Ward, Executive Committee
Greg Brewer, Director
Kelly Brown, Director
Sibley Cooley, Director
T. Norman Crook, Director
Meredith Foster, Director
Robert Gunn, Director
Kojo Idrissa, Director
Michael J. Lempel, Director
Jerald Linsley, Director
Mary Ann Mitscherling, Director
John Molson Director, (absent)
Bernard Silverman, Director
Jim Story, Director
Russell Vesey, Director (absent)

2 HAL-PC members

I. The meeting was called to order at 7:03 PM, John Furby presiding.

II. Motion to approve the minutes for the regular meeting held on January 28, 2010 was made by Meredith Foster and seconded. The motion passed.


President, John Furby

  1. John Furby reported that an employee, Gil Vela, Member Services Coordinator, had resigned as of Tuesday, February 23, 2010. Angie [Vela] will be hired to fill the vacancy.
  2. HAL-PC is talking with RM Crowe about the lease.
  3. The Japan American Society is interested in leasing the small "stand alone" suite next to our outside storeroom. They are interested in the "break room" [also called the kitchen].
  4. The answer to the question from the floor about who gets the money from the vending machines was the vendor does.
  5. John Furby stated that Lucille, Registrar, found some headsets in storage that HAL-PC is now selling at $25 in the display case at Headquarters Suite where the flashlights, shirts, and bags are also for sale.
  6. Other employees are Lucille; Modem Bob; Doug; Jeff; and Robert Gunn, HALNet Administrator.
  7. John Furby talked about the possibility of sending a flyer out to the membership to replace the discontinued magazine. Sibley Cooley asked about advertising to pay for the flyer.
  8. Annette Story stated that to catch up on reconciliation of cash batches and also bank statements that is so vital to close the books monthly require volunteers to go through training which will be conducted by the Treasurer, George Vaughn, and then put in what time each person can to do the work.

First Vice-President, Rick Archibald

  1. Rick Archibald passed out stat sheet to everyone that included information from VP Communications and Membership Secretary.
  2. Rick reported that the problem that HALNet dial-up subscribers not in the Houston Metro area started calling about [on February 18] was work by Pac West to consolidate 3 truck lines to 1. After the reason for the dial-up problems was identified, on Saturday the subscribers were gradually put on line. Pac West did not tell us about the work to be done. The last few problems were corrected on Sunday, February 22.

Vice-President Communication, Robert Spotswood

  1. Robert Spotswood stated that it is possible for HAL-PC to revive the HAL-PC Magazine because Meredith Foster is the publisher. Some of the column writers are prefer not to do online "magazines."
  2. The subject of Social Media was addressed. Twitter, Facebook, and Blogs are among that genre. There are security issues. Meredith said that the problem with Blogs is you need content.

No reports from Vice President Programs or Membership Secretary.

Treasurer, George Vaughn

  1. George Vaughn stated that he is resigning from his position as Treasurer.
  2. George said that the Executive Committee has substantially addressed HAL-PC's cash problem. We are "backed up" on payables. He also said that we must take a long-term strategy. He suggested we concentrate on expense control such as renegotiating the lease. This has started.
  3. There is a need to have an audit report and tax returns when organizations ask for grants.

Ad Hoc Real Estate Committee

  1. John Furby reported that he is currently trying to set up a meeting with Dorothy McDonald of RM Crowe about Crowe's new proposed lease for the Headquarters facility.

Ad Hoc Colocation Committee--No report. Colocation will be under "V.Old Business."

IV.New Business

  1. Sibley Cooley made the motion that the Board of Directors election be held on June 19 before the Board of Directors meeting. Rick Archibald seconded the motion. In the discussion it was clarified that Robert Spotswood was the official chair and Meredith Foster volunteered to head and coordinate the work on the committee. She will contact Carla Cawlfield and Allan Holtzmann.

    Motion to revise nominating and voting notification procedures for HAL-PC Board of Directors Election
  2. Bernard Silverman talked about holding an auction as a fundraiser. He talked about what is missing at HAL-PC--money and fun. He showed with humor what kind of fun an auction could be. He stated that if there were no objections to holding an auction as a moneymaker he would work on this project. There were no objections.
  3. Kojo Idrissa said that he was not yet prepared to report about a Website for Rentals. This report will be rescheduled.

V.Old Business

  1. Colocation: Robert Spotswood said that in order to move and colocate there are 3 problems:
    --Lack of information
    --Need hardware to condense down servers
    and need to schedule.
  2. Sibley Cooley made the following motion: "We appoint our president to pursue options up to and including the furnishing all necessary equipment and necessary resources to transfer HALNet to a suitable location to our advantage." Annette Story seconded the motion.
    Discussion followed. Norman Crook stated that we were in business before HALNet. Jerald Linsley asked what does colocate do?
    The question was called. The votes were 3 in favor, 12 against, and 1 abstained. The motion did not pass. Jerald Linsley announced he didn't vote for the motion because "the power authority of the President to achieve those solutions contained in the failed motion are already there."
  3. There were no nominations for Vice-President Programs
  4. There were no nominations for Membership Secretary.

VI.Motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and carried.

Next regular Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for March 25, 2010.

Annette Story
HAL-PC Recording Secretary