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HAL-PC Board of Directors

March 18, 2009

Approved minutes of the March 18, 2009 regular Board of Directors Meeting.

MINUTES OF March 18, 2009
4543 Post Oak Place
Houston, Texas


Mary Ann Mitscherling, President
Larry Dillard, First Vice President SIGS (absent)
Kelly Brown, Vice President Programs
Jay Thomas, Vice President Communications (absent)
George Vaughn, Treasurer (absent)
Susan Ostlund, Membership Secretary
Wes Leggett, Recording Secretary

Rick Archibald, Director
William Budell, Director (absent)
Robert Carlile, Director
Mark E Crain, Director
Tom Dillard, Director (absent)
Al Greene, Director (absent)
Robert E. Gunn, Director
Allan Holtzmann, Director (absent)
Bear Jones, Director (absent)
Michael J. Lempel, Director (absent)
John Lightsey, Director
Caludia P. Ludwig, Director
Chris Read, Director
Annette Story, Director
James R Story, Director
Reuben Wilson, Director (absent)

The meeting was called to Order at 8:20 PM, Mary Ann Mitscherling presiding.

A motion was made by James Story to approve the minutes for regular meeting held on February 18, 2009. A second was heard and the motion passed by acclimation.

The president provided an oral report.

Susan Ostlund presented the following motion:

Whereas, Membership dues have remained the same for more than a decade while HAL-PC's expenses have continued to rise in step with inflation.
Therefore, be it resolved, that HAL-PC shall henceforth discontinue the $5 discount for early renewal of membership.

A second was heard and the motion passed by acclimation.

Annette Story withdrew her first motion and presented the following.

Motion to hold an election at this BOD Meeting of March 18, 2009, to fill the Board of Directors seat vacated by the acceptance of Stephen Cravey's written resignation.

Annette Story nominated Claudia P. Ludwig to fill the seat. No other nominations were made for the seat. Following a brief discussion A vote was called and Claudia Ludwig was elected by acclimation. Her conflict of interest statement was collected and she was seated at the board.

Rick Archibald moved that the next meeting be held on April 8, 2009 at 7:30 PM. A second was heard and the motion passed.

Rick Archibald moved to adjourn. A second was heard and the motion passed.

The meeting ended at 9:03 PM

Wesley Leggett
HAL-PC Recording Secretary