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HAL-PC Board of Directors

June 16, 2009

Houston Area League of PC Users
     Board of Directors

Agenda for Regular Meeting to be held Tuesday June 16, 2009 at HAL-PC

I. Call to Order at 7:30 PM

II. Approval of Minutes
    for regular meeting held on May 20, 2009

III. Reports

    President's Report (Mary Ann Mitscherling)
    Vice-President Communications (Jay Thomas)
    Vice-President Programs (Kelly Brown)
    Treasurer (George Vaughn)
    Membership Secretary (Susan Ostlund)

    Ad hoc Committee Reports

IV. New Business

Annette Story brings the following before the assembly:

It is so moved to leave open Larry Dillard's position on the Board of
Directors (BOD) until after the June Annual Election of HAL-PC BOD as an
acknowledgment of Larry's long and dedicated service to this organization;
such acknowledgment/recognition to be communicated to the Members of HAL-PC.

It is so moved that the Board of Directors shall conduct an election at this
June 16, 2009, meeting to elect a First Vice President of SIG's to complete
Larry Dillard's term of office, per Article III, Sections B and C of the

V. Old Business
There is no unfinished business before the board at present.

Set next Board of Directors meeting.

VI. Adjourn

Please find attached the unapproved minutes of the May 20, 2009 meetings of
the Board of Directors.

Wesley Leggett
HAL-PC Recording Secretary