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HAL-PC Board of Directors

July 7, 2009

Unapproved minutes of the July 7, 2009 regular Board of Directors Meeting.
Any corrections, changes, additions to these minutes will be provided following approval of the minutes by the Board.

MINUTES OF July 7, 2009
4543 Post Oak Place
Houston, Texas


Mary Ann Mitscherling, President
Rick Archibald, First Vice President SIGS
Kelly Brown, Vice President Programs (absent)
Jay Thomas, Vice President Communications (absent)
George Vaughn, Treasurer
Susan Ostlund, Membership Secretary
Wes Leggett, Recording Secretary

Al Greene Director, Executive Committee (absent)
Michael J. Lempel Director, Executive Committee
William Budell Director (absent)
Mark E Crain Director
Tom Dillard Director (absent)
Robert E. Gunn Director
Allan Holtzmann Director
Bear Jones Director (absent)
John Lightsey Director
Claudia P. Ludwig Director
Chris Read Director
Annette Story Director
James R Story Director
Jim Ward Director
Reuben Wilson Director (absent)

Directors Elect:
Rick Archibald
Greg Brewer
T. Norman Crook
John Furby
Pete Jamison
John Molson
Robert Spotswood
Robert L. Stewart
Annette Story
Jim Ward
Kojo Idrissa

The meeting was called to Order at 7:36 PM, Mary Ann Mitscherling presiding.

Completed Conflict of Interest Statements were collected from newly elected board members. Attendance sheets were signed and, by providing an email address, the Directors granted permission for this means of delivery to receive official communications relating to his/her service on the HAL-PC Board of Directors.

Motion to approve the minutes for the regular meeting held on June 16, 2009, was made. A second was heard and the motion passed by acclamation.

Mary Ann Mitscherling, President, passed out a memorandum entitled "HAL-PC Sustainability Status on July 7, 2009," talking about its contents such as continuing action to renegotiate HAL-PC's lease. She stated that she would be available to help.

The First Vice President SIGS, Rick Archibald, stated that he was not now requesting recertification of any SIGS at this point. He also stated that there are 3 to 4 new SIG's at various stages of forming.
Rick, Real Estate Ad Hoc Committee Chairman, stated that recommendations have been received from a number of sources including a broker and a network administrator as to what to pay attention to when renegotiating the facility lease.

The Treasurer, George Vaughn, provided a brief report about the club's financial status.
As of 6/30 Cash=$48K down from $182K (vs. $201K per Marie) at 12/31/2008.
A/P=$12K current, $58K past due (AT&T is the major balance)
Deferred Revenue is about $260K
As of 7/06 Cash=$29K
Need to reconcile our cash run rates and changes. Need to analyze cash disbursements. Daily reports like cash balances are needed to allow quick looks. The financial reports are not finalized.

The Membership Secretary, Sue Ostlund, reported that membership numbers are staying steady. Sue also volunteered to help with the next set of renewal letters. The Board of Directors recommendation to increase the membership dues passed.

The president called for reports from the ad hoc committees.
Annette Story, Procedures Ad Hoc Committee Chair, again asked for any written procedures or policies be sent to her by email.
David Crook, Organization Documentation Ad Hoc Committee Chair, reported that Meredith Foster, Webmaster and Publisher of the HAL-PC Magazine and eBulletin had been interviewed.
David Crook reported that both disposable and non-disposable properties owned by HAL-PC were being inventoried. He also reported that Claudia Ludwig, volunteer, and Gil Vela, office staff, are reworking HAL-PC's office filing system.

The President welcomed the newly elected Board members.

The Elections for HAL-PC Officers began with the nomination for President. Jim Story nominated John Furby and a second was heard. No other nominations were heard and John Furby was elected President.
Mary Ann Mitscherling presented the gavel to John Furby. John then assumed his duties as presiding officer by asking for continuaion of nominations.

Annette Story nominated Rick Archibald for First Vice President SIGS and a second was heard. No other nominations were heard and Rick Archibald was elected.

Rick Archibald nominated Robert Stewart for Vice President Programs and a second was heard. No other nominations were heard and Robert Stewart was elected.

Jim Ward nominated Allan Holtzmann for Vice President Communications and a second was heard. No other nominations were heard and Allan Holtzmann was elected.

Mark Crain nominated Annette Story for Recording Secretary and a second was heard. No other nominations were heard and Annette Story was elected.

Rick Archibald nominated Pete Jamison for Membership Secretary and a second was heard. No other nominations were heard and Pete Jamison was elected.

Annette Story nominated George Vaughn for Treasurer and a second was heard. No other nominations were heard and George Vaughn was elected.

To begin the election of two Directors to serve on the Executive Committee, Chris Read was nominated by Annette Story and a second was heard. Jim Ward was nominated by Rick Archibald and a second was heard. A motion to close the nominations was made, a second was heard, and the motion passed. A vote was taken and both were elected by acclamation.

Rick Archibald made a motion to have an election to fill the vacancy on the Board, a second was heard, and the motion passed. Rick nominated Kojo Idrissa to be a Director and a second was heard. No other nominations were heard and Kojo Idrissa was elected to the Board of Directors.

Rick Archibald moved that the next regular HAL-PC meeting be held Thursday, July 23, 2009, at 7:30 PM. No second was heard. Robert Stewart move to amend the time to be 6:00p.m. on July 23, a second was heard. After discussion Jim Ward amended the time to 7:00 p.m. A second was heard and the motion to have the next meeting on July 23, 2009, at 7:00 p.m. was passed.

Robert Stewart moved to adjourn at 8:46p.m.

Annette Story
HAL-PC Recording Secretary