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HAL-PC Board of Directors Meeting

January 27, 2009

Unapproved minutes of the January 27, 2009 special Board of Directors Meeting.
Any corrections, changes, additions to these minutes will be
provided following approval of the minutes by the Board.

MINUTES OF January 27, 2009
4543 Post Oak Place
Houston, Texas


Mary Ann Mitscherling, President
Larry Dillard, First Vice President SIGS (absent)
Kelly Brown, Vice President Programs
Jay Thomas, Vice President Communications (absent)
George Vaughn, Treasurer
Susan Ostlund, Membership Secretary (absent)
Wes Leggett, Recording Secretary

Rick Archibald, Director
William Budell Director
Robert Carlile, Director
Mark E Crain, Director
Stephen Cravey, Director (absent)
Tom Dillard, Director (absent)
Al Greene, Director
Robert E. Gunn, Director
Allan Holtzmann, Director
Bear Jones, Director (absent)
Michael J. Lempel, Director
John Lightsey, Director
Chris Read, Director (absent)
Annette Story, Director
James R Story, Director
Reuben Wilson, Director (absent)

The meeting was called to Order at 7:37 PM, Mary Ann Mitscherling presiding.

A motion was made by James Story to approve the minutes for regular meeting held on November 25, 2008 without change. A second was heard and the motion passed by acclimation.

A motion was made by Rick Archibald to approve the minutes for special meeting held on January 17, 2009 without change. A second was heard and the motion passed by acclimation.

The president provided an oral report as did the vice-president programs.
The treasurer provided a written report.

The motion to go into executive session for the purpose of approving the minutes of the previous executive ssession was moved to the end of the agenda by unanimous consent.

2. The following motion was postponed during the November 25, 2008 meeting.

Mary Ann Mitscherling brings before the assembly the following:

WHEREAS, The current HAL-PC Office Procedures Manual does not reflect
the current needs of the organization;

WHEREAS, The Board recognizes that the operation of the HAL-PC business
office is crucial to the existence of HAL-PC;

WHEREAS, All HAL-PC business office tasks, including financial data
maintenance and financial reporting, need to be identified and
documented in detail;

RESOLVED, That Mary Ann Mitscherling is designated as the Board's
representative to work with office staff to develop a procedures manual(s)
containing, but not limited to, detailed procedures necessary to perform
all office tasks, including location of files, organization charts, and
other duties required by HAL-PC. Mary Ann Mitscherling is authorized
to designate others to help.

following a brief discussion a vote of a show of hands the motion was lost.

Rick Archibald brings the following three items:

1. The motion to have an "Open discussion of urgent issues facing HAL-PC" was moved to the end of the agenda and subsequently withdrawn.

2. The "motion to call a 7 minute recess at 8:30 pm" was agreed in the event the meeting has not concluded by this time.

3. Whereas, the Board has elected a new President;

Whereas, the new President wishes to reassign various committee
assignments & chairs;

Whereas, the Board wishes to give the new President a clean slate;

It is hereby resolved that all existing committee assignments & chairs are

And it is hereby further resolved that the new President may bring before
the Board at this meeting the creation any new committees & her
assignments to them.

A second was heard. Following a brief discussion motion was withdrawn.

The assembly entered executive session for the purpose of approval of the minutes of the previous executive session. Rick Achibald moved to accept the minutes as proffered, a second was heard and the motion passed by acclimation.

A motion was made to to hold the next meeting the third Wednesday of next month, February 18, 2009.
A second was heard and the motion passed by acclimation.

Mark Crain moved to adjourn, a second was heard.
The motion was adopted by acclimation.
The meeting ended at 8:25 PM

Wesley Leggett
HAL-PC Recording Secretary