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HAL-PC Board of Directors

August 27, 2009

Approved minutes of the August 27, 2009 regular Board of Directors Meeting.
Any corrections, changes, additions to these minutes will be provided following approval of the minutes by the Board.

MINUTES OF August 27, 2009
Houston Area League of PC Users, Inc.
4543 Post Oak Place
Houston, Texas 77027


John Furby President
Rick Archibald First Vice President
Robert Stewart Vice President Programs (absent)
Allan Holtzmann Vice President Communications (absent)
Annette Story Recording Secretary
Pete Jamison Membership Secretary
George Vaughn Treasurer

Chris Read Executive Committee (absent)
Jim Ward Executive Committee
Greg Brewer Director (absent)
Kelly Brown Director
Mark E Crain Director
T. Norman Crook Director
Al Greene Director (absent)
Robert Gunn Director
Kojo Idrissa Director
Michael J. Lempel Director
Jerald Linsley Director
Mary Ann Mitscherling Director
John Molson Director
Robert Spotswood Director
Jim Story Director
Russell Vesey Director

1 HAL-PC member

I.The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM, John Furby presiding.

II.Motion to approve the minutes for the regular meeting held on July 23, 2009, was made by John Molson. A second was heard and the motion passed.


President, John Furby
1.Things in back room: If you have anything such as equipment, supplies, etc. in the back room that you wish to have, please remove. A list of those things of value that have a person's name on it needs to be made and an email sent to notify people that they have only a specific amount of time to remove it before it is surplused.
2.Asking everyone not to move furniture into empty rooms because of possible subleasing.
3.Financial: Things are better. Expenses are less although more needs to be cut.
4.Mentioned that John Molson is investigating the possibility of HAL-PC working with the Boy Scouts. The investigation will restart sometime in September. The new Boy Scout office is at TC Jester and 610, near the new FBI Building. If HAL must vacate the offices at 4543 Post Oak Place, John Molson suggests looking into using the Boy Scout Building.
5.Suggestions from members: Look at hospitals for possible meeting room.

First Vice-President, Rick Archibald (2 handouts)
1.SIG elections are going slowly.
2.Education Project is currently a fundraiser for buying new computers for use in classes. It is the Barbeque meal combined with the 2009 Volunteer Luncheon. Need volunteer workers to set up and help with the meal.
3.A new projector is needed.
4.DSL Phantom User Disconnect Project will save $800/month.

Membership Secretary, Pete Jamison
1.Renewal letters to remind members that it is time to pay for their annual HAL-PC membership.
2.Pete is contacting entities such as KPFT 90.1 to get Public Service Announcements (PSA) broadcast and also Press Release concerning HAL-PC.
3.Announced the TECH FEST that is on September 26, 2009. HAL-PC is a sponsor (courtesy of Robert Stewart and Allan Holtzmann) and therefore has a 4-person table.

Treasurer, George Vaughn
1.George Vaughn stated that HAL-PC would default on rent for the facilities. Payment for September 2009 will be $7,000 even, whereas the bill is $17,742.
2.First round of reductions in expenses must be $20.5k.
3.Dues increase on October 1 means $50, not $40/year.
4.George's financial summary included $65k net cash (reconciled balance at end of August), $54K is owed AT&T ($20k is past due), and HAL should have $360k operating cash whereas it is $50k. HAL's revenue decline is 1% per year.

Ad Hoc Committee Reports:
1.Real Estate Committee Chair Jim Ward reported on the meeting of representatives of the HAL-PC Real Estate Committee with Dorothy McDonald, Senior Property Manager, R.M. Crowe, on Thursday, August 13, 2009.

IV.New Business

V.Old Business

1.John Furby called for a motion to move that the tabled discussion of the committees now take place. The motion was seconded and passed. After discussing the committees, a motion was made and seconded to accept the chair and members of the standing committees and the Ad Hoc Real Estate Committee and Chair. The motion passed unanimously.
2.The subject of the Volunteer Luncheon was raised which led to the question of what is a volunteer. Does the volunteer work a specific number of hours? The name volunteer needs to be defined.

3.John Molson moved that the next regular HAL-PC meeting be held Thursday, September 24, 20009, at 7:00p.m. A second was heard and the motion passed.

VI.Jim Ward moved to adjourn at 8:17pm. Motion was seconded and passed.

Annette Story
HAL-PC Recording Secretary