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HAL-PC Board of Directors

April 8, 2009

Houston Area League of PC Users
     Board of Directors

Agenda for Regular Meeting to be held
Wednesday, April 8, 2009 at HAL-PC headquarters.

I. Call to Order at 7:30 PM

II. Approval of Minutes
    for regular meeting held on March 18, 2009

III. Reports
    President's Report (Mary Ann Mitscherling)
    First Vice-President SIGS (Larry Dillard)
    Vice-President Communications (Jay Thomas)
    Vice-President Programs (Kelly Brown)
    Treasurer (George Vaughn)
    Membership Secretary (Susan Ostlund)

Ad hoc Committee Reports
Rick Archibald to present information about the class that Katrina Niolet
had all of last week at HAL-PC.  Allan Holtzmann to speak about the Japan
meeting room use and revenue projections.

IV. New Business

We have established a new Standing Committee with the following
Rick Archibald, Kelly Brown, Bill Budell, Robert Carlile, David Crook, Larry
Dillard, Wes Leggett, Claudia Ludwig, Katrina Niolet, and M. A.
Mitscherling.  David Crook will chair the committee.

We will open a third account at Prosperity Bank to replace the two Bank of
America accounts.  We will close the Bank of America accounts after we start
using the new Prosperity account.  This account will be used for Accounts
Payable and payroll.

Susan Ostlund brings the following:

Hal-PC has not increased membership fees since 1994.
In consideration of rising club costs and the feedback from members in the
March 2009 Membership Survey, the Members Services Committee propose raising
membership dues.
Move that the board of directors recommend a membership fee increase from
$40.00 to $50.00 per year per member. If motion is accepted the decision to
increase membership dues will be brought before the members for approval.

V. Old Business
There is no unfinished business before the board at present.

Set next Board of Directors meeting.

VI. Adjourn

Wesley Leggett
HAL-PC Recording Secretary