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HAL-PC Board of Directors Minutes

November 25, 2008

Approved minutes of the November 25, 2008 regular Board of Directors Meeting.
Any corrections, changes, additions to these minutes will be provided following approval of the minutes by the Board.

MINUTES OF November 25, 2008
4543 Post Oak Place
Houston, Texas


Robert E. Gunn President
Larry Dillard First Vice President SIGS
Kelly Brown Vice President Programs
Jay Thomas Vice President Communications (absent)
George Vaughn Treasurer
Susan Ostlund Membership Secretary
Wes Leggett Recording Secretary

Rick Archibald Director
Robert Carlile Director
Mark E Crain Director
Stephen Cravey Director
Tom Dillard Director
Al Greene Director
Allan Holtzmann Director
Bear Jones Director
Michael J. Lempel Director
John Lightsey Director
Mary Ann Mitscherling Director
Chris Read Director
Remigio "Mickey" Revilla Director (absent)
Annette Story Director (absent)
James R Story Director (absent)
Reuben Wilson Director

A written report was provided to the board by:
Vice President Programs
Membership Secretary

The meeting was called to order at 7:31 PM in Sig room A at HAL-PC headquarters
Robert Gunn presiding.

The minutes from the meetings held on July 22 and September 30, 2008 were approved by acclamation.


President's Report (Robert Gunn)
Robert reiterated his resignation as HAL-Net System Administrator effective January, noting that time was running out for the board to find a replacement for him.

The following, read and discussed their reports.
Larry Dillard First Vice President SIGS
Vice-President Programs (Kelly Brown)
Treasurer (George Vaughn)
Membership Secretary (Susan Ostlund)

Old Business:

Motion from Annette Story at the September 30, 2008 special Board of Directors Meeting, postponed for two weeks, or until the next meeting. The motion was read to the assembly. Following a brief discussion a vote was taken and the motion failed unanimously.

New Business:

Mark Crain brought before the assembly the following:

Motion 1:

WHEREAS, The HAL-PC Bylaws Article III. E. 7. provides that the Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining accurate financial records of HAL-PC and furnish a monthly financial report of HAL-PC to the Board;

RESOLVED, That the Treasurer is granted physical access to HAL-PC's business office and records at the Treasurer's convenience;

RESOLVED, That the Treasurer is granted independent access to HAL-PC's computers and "HAL-PC's Software Applications" relating to HAL-PC's financial records. 'Independent access' means that the Treasurer is granted access without requiring some other person to sign on before the Treasurer can sign on to the computer(s) containing the software applications. "HAL-PC's Software Applications" includes, but is not limited to, software applications owned by or licensed to HAL-PC.; and

RESOLVED, That the Treasurer is authorized to (and is authorized to designate others to) enter data into and produce reports from HAL-PC?s Software Applications relating to the financial records of HAL-PC.

Following some discussion the motion was withdrawn by Mark Crain.

Mary Ann Mitscherling brought before the assembly the following:

Motion 2:

WHEREAS, The current HAL-PC Office Procedures Manual does not reflect the current needs of the organization;

WHEREAS, The Board recognizes that the operation of the HAL-PC business office is crucial to the existence of HAL-PC;

WHEREAS, All HAL-PC business office tasks, including financial data maintenance and financial reporting, need to be identified and documented in detail;

RESOLVED, That Mary Ann Mitscherling is designated as the Board's representative to work with office staff to develop a procedures manual(s) containing, but not limited to, detailed procedures necessary to perform all office tasks, including location of files, organization charts, and other duties required by HAL-PC. Mary Ann Mitscherling is authorized to designate others to help.

Following discussion Mary Ann Mitscherling agreeded to postpone this motion in view of the present progress in the office.

Motion 3:

WHEREAS, The HAL-PC business office is understaffed;

WHEREAS, The clerk positions have remained open for three months;

RESOLVED, That the Board of Directors designate Mary Ann Mitscherling (who can designate other Directors) to develop job descriptions for the Office Manager and the two Office Clerks, and assist in the advertising, selection and hiring of candidates for the available positions.

Following discussion Mary Ann Mitscherling agreed to withdraw this motion in view of the current progress.

Motion 4:

WHEREAS, The Board should have an understanding of current facility utilization if the need to consider alternative operational environments becomes necessary;

RESOLVED, That the Board of Directors designate Annette Story to summarize classroom utilization reflecting SIG attendance over the last year.
Annette Story is authorized to include others to help.

Following discussion Mary Ann Mitscherling agreed the this motion was "moot" given promised cooperation from Larry Dillard in this area.

Allan Holtzmann brought before the assembly the following:

Motion 5:

Motion to extend the HAL-PC Suite access hours on Saturdays from 5pm to
Midnight in order to facilitate a membership drive aimed at Families and
young Adults. The extended weekend hours will serve as a launch pad for
new Membership benefits such as the new Gaming SIG and the additionally
proposed Movie Nights and Anime Showings.

Following some discussion the motion was withdrawn by Allan Holtzmann.

Motion 6:

Motion to offer a Managed Wireless Hotspot program to all current and future HALNet DSL subscribers. The offering will allow HALNet Subscribers to share a portion of their DSL bandwidth with local Wireless Users that will purchase either daily or monthly access to the Managed Wireless Hotspot. These fees will then be partially (50%) deducted from the DSL Subscribers monthly bill to compensate for the lost bandwidth.

Following some discussion the motion was withdrawn by Allan Holtzmann.

In the foregoing motions, following their introduction, but prior to a second the chair engaged the maker in a discussion of the merits of the motion resulting in the dispositions as noted.

Motion for the assembly to go into Executive Session for a discussion of personnel.
The motion to go into Executive Session passed and the assembly did so. Minutes from the Executive session are separate from this writing.

Motion to Set next Board of Directors meeting.
Robert Carlile proposed the next meeting to be Tuesday January 27,2009.
The motion passed.

Bear Jones moved to adjourn and a second was heard. The motion passed by acclamation and the meeting ended at 9:25 PM.

Wesley Leggett
Recording Secretary