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Postini Email Filtering System

Because of the recent problems we have had, we are requesting all users subscribe to The HALNet Service "Postini." Postini blocks incoming email spam and viruses before they ever reach your email in-box. The Email Assistant blocks up to 95% of incoming spam. Intelligent filters evaluate each message's characteristics to determine the likelihood of an email being considered spam. There are easy to use settings to let you personally configure the filter categories and aggressiveness to meet your unique needs. Any email matching your spam settings is quarantined to a web-based Message Center before it ever reaches your inbox. The Virus Protection Assistant blocks malicious viruses from reaching your inbox, and threatening your computer.

We will setup HALNet subscribers who do not currently have a Postini account with a Postini account and provide the first 30 days free. After that time, the user can notify Hal-PC to deactivate his/her Postini account. Otherwise, the user will be billed for the service. This charge is only $2.00 per month. If you currently have a Postini account, your service will remain unchanged.

Users will not need to setup their Postini account. The setup will be done by the HAL-PC office. The user will need to check his/her Postini account for a few weeks, just to see what emails get trapped, and then allow the wanted emails to be delivered. To login to the Postini account, visit The Log in Address is your HAL-PC email address and the password is your regular email password. The emails that Postini has trapped will be listed in the Message Center. The user will be able to add email address to an Approved Senders list or to a Blocked Senders list.

Instructions for using Postini:
Using the services and configuration
Message Center Screen Shots
Frequently asked Questions


We feel that everyone will benefit from Postini. Please do consider the benefits to your email, computer and to HALNet.

Current Postini subscribers will be unaffected.

Thank you for your consideration.

NOTE: the Postini service is for HALNet subscribers ONLY.