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HAL-PC Headquarters Building BOD Minutes
Unapproved minutes of the June 8th, 2000 Board of Directors

4543 Post Oak Place
Houston, Texas

Any corrections, changes, additions to these minutes will be
noted in the next month's minutes when the minutes are approved
by the Board.


2. Officers ( at the start of the BoD meeting):

3. President Ray Morris
4. First Vice President - SIGs David Pausky
5. Vice President - Programs Mike Mashburn 
6. Vice President - Communications
7. Recording Secretary Mel Babb
8. Membership Secretary Tiffany Kong
9. Treasurer Gus Hrncir

10. Directors:

11. Michelle S Annis
12. Norman Blaylock 
13. Matthew Castillo
14. James Coon      
15. Stephen P. Cravey
16. William A Goetschius
17. Robert P Grefe      
18. Robert E. Gunn      
19. Eric Hirtriter  Absent
20. Moe Jones           
21. J Kolenovsky        
22. Tim Kraemer     Absent
23. Wes Legget        
24. Donald B McGowan  
25. Joseph E Morris Jr 
26. Mike Novominsky    
27. Anne Sipes         
28. Jay Thomas         

29. Officers ( After the Election of Officers ):

30. President Robert Gunn
31. First Vice President - SIGs Mike Mashburn
32. Vice President - Programs Stephen Cravey
33. Vice President - Communications Jay Thomas
34. Recording Secretary Anne Sipes
35. Membership Secretary Tiffany Kong
36. Treasurer Wes Leggett

37. Directors:

38. Michelle S Annis    
39. Mel Babb            
40. Norman Blaylock     
41. Matthew Castillo    
42. James Coon          
43. William A Goetschius
44. Robert P Grefe      
45. Eric Hirtriter   Absent
46. Moe Jones           
47. J Kolenovsky        
48. Tim Kraemer      Absent
49. Donald B McGowan    
50. Ray Morris          
51. Joseph E Morris Jr  
52. Mike Novominsky     
53. David R. Pausky     

54. Parliamentarian: Bonny Freeman

55. Guests:

56. 23136 Randy Herzstein
57. 24052 John Fermier
58. 26990 Nancy Ward
59. 7324 Marvin Kaiser
60. 11972 Carla S. Cawlfield
61. 12046 Ian Poyntz
62. 30460 Patricia Freeman
63. 43876 John Cochran
64. 42800 Jose L. Espino
65. 11500 Racy Sanford
66. 27942 Jack Hamilton
67. 349 Ralph Roddy
68. 24299 Aron Manela
69. 25553 Don Dupaul
70. 5495 Jeff Campbell
71. 35684 Betty Diamond
72. 46049 David Crook
73. 25534 Juanice Boyd
74. 3999 Jimmie Stewart
75. 43606 Arthur J. Brown
76. 466 Bob Hurlbert
77. 27557 Ann Smith
78. 40871 Chuck Baker
79. 34325 Ted Reddick
80. 46330 David Turner
81. 49779 Anne Olexy
82. 29638 Marilyn Gore
83. 29427 Jeff Hupp
84. 39394 H. Kelly Brown
85. 9831 David Flato
86. 32856 John Gilstrap
87. 27469 Robt. Bartlett
88. 49647 Mark J. Holt
89. 30979 Jeff Boggan
90. 1670 Reginald Hirsch
91. 20608 Timothy Blakenship
92. 47798 Lance Neidig
93. 50203 Brian Sadler
94. 5276 Gerald Zimmerer

95. Honored guests:

96. Gill Boyd
97. Milt Eberhardt
98. Chuck Horowitz
99. Bob Malone


101. The June 8, 2000 Board of Directors meeting was called to order a
102. few minutes late.

103. Robert Gunn made a motion to Adopt an alternate Agenda (0600).
104. Anne Sipes seconded the motion.
105. The motion to adopt an alternate Agenda passed by voice vote.

106. The following Election Committee Report was offered by Election
107. Committee Chairperson, Carla Cawlfield:

108. Report of June 6, 2000 Election
109. By Carla S. Cawlfield, Election Committee Chairman


111. Results posted in Attachment A. Out of approximately 13,000
112. HAL-PC members, 699 voted, or 5.38%.
113. Committee Thank You-Many people offered help to the EC, and
114. many worked to answer questions about the overall election
115. process. The Election Committee wishes to thank everyone who
116. helped us at HAL-PC. The following people served on the new
117. Election Committee (formed at May, 2000 BOD meeting) and deserve
118. thanks:

119. Carla S. Cawlfield, John Chambers, Jane Chambers, James Coon, J
120. Kolenovsky, Mike Novominsky, Nick Streater, Joetta Stevenson,
121. five college students, 2 uniformed officers, and various HAL-PC
122. volunteers on Election night.
123. Man-hours worked-Since May 5, the EC worked at least 171hours.
124. The Absentee Ballot process ate up about 80 hours, and the
125. General Meeting Election about 91 hours.


127. All aspects of the historical HAL-PC election process should be
128. reviewed. With only 5% of our members voting, the Board of
129. Directors should invent election policies that are much more
130. member-friendly. 

131. Electronic Voting (both Internet and Election Night)-The Board
132. of Directors of HAL-PC needs to explore the logistics, mechanics,
133. legalities, and security issues relating to Electronic Voting.
134. Electronic Voting could be as broad as allowing the members to
135. vote via the Internet, or as narrow as having computers set up
136. for voting the night of the Special Meeting. This would certainly
137. be easier for a larger number of the HAL-PC members to vote, and
138. it might even be easier on the Election Committee. It is ironic
139. that the world's largest computer club does not use computers in
140. its elections.
141. Membership Database-This year's Election Committee used May 1,
142. 2000, as the cutoff date for the official certified membership
143. database. This meant that anyone who was not on that list was not
144. eligible to vote. During the Absentee cycle, out of 512 requests,
145. 23 (4.49%) were rejected due to expired memberships. At the
146. General Meeting, at least 10 people (out of about 400) were
147. denied ballots due to expired memberships. Some of these 10
148. people had current blue membership cards with either 05/2001 or
149. 06/2001 expiration dates. They were perhaps slightly late in
150. their renewals, but thought of themselves as current HAL-PC
151. members. Neither the Election Committee nor these members were
152. happy about there being no way to accommodate their voting
153. wishes, and many of these members felt they were unfairly
154. disenfranchised. We need to think up a better way, if possible. 
155. Absentee Ballots-Scrap the need for members to personally
156. write to the Election Committee requesting an Absentee Ballot.
157. This process is Byzantine, quirky, expensive, unwieldy and
158. unfriendly to both the members and the Election Committee. The
159. process used this year required several steps-1. The member had
160. to mail in an Absentee Ballot request by a certain date (May 15),
161. and include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. 2. The EC had to
162. check this request against the database, issue a ballot, and mail
163. it back to the member. 3. The member had to return the Ballot to
164. the EC by another certain date (May 29). 4. The EC had to then
165. look up the member again in the database, and log that member as
166. having voted.

167. A simpler, still secure method is the following: * Post a PDF
168. copy of the Absentee Ballot with a Validation Section on the
169. HAL-PC website for members to download, AND print a copy of the
170. Absentee Ballot with a Validation Section in the Magazine, for
171. members to cut out, or photocopy, and mail in to a PO Box. This
172. covers both classes of members-those with Internet access, and
173. those whose only link to HAL-PC is the Magazine.  * The
174. Validation Section will carry the Member's Name, HAL-PC
175. Membership Number, and Signature. Upon receipt of the Ballot, the
176. Election Committee will compare the information to the membership
177. database, and if no other Ballot has already been received for
178. that member, it will be counted. In the event of a duplication or
179. discrepancy, the member listed in the membership database can be
180. contacted to confirm which is the accurate ballot. This cuts down
181. by 2/3 the amount of work required of the Election Committee, and
182. reduces the cost and number of steps required for the member to
183. negotiate.

184. Respectfully submitted,

185. Carla S. Cawlfield

186. Results of the 2000 HAL-PC Election

187. HAL-PC Election Committee Report          06-Jun-2000

188. Results of the 2000 HAL-PC Election are as follows:

189. Absentee Ballots:
190. Valid Ballot Requests                                    409
191. Requests with no Self Addressed, Stamped Envelope         60
192. Requests from Expired Memberships                         23 
193. 0.044921875
194. Voter mailed in blank forms (no name, no info at all)      3
195. Requests received after May 15, 2000                      17
196. Total Absentee Ballots Requested                         512

197. Ballots returned after May 30, 2000                        3
198. Ballot mailed to wrong address                             2
199. Valid Absentee Ballots Received                          306

200. In Person Voting on June 6, 2000
201. Invalid Ballots (zero votes or more than 12 votes cast)    0
202. Valid Ballots Cast                                       393

203. Total Valid HAL-PC Votes Cast                            699    
204. 5.37692% % of Membership

205. Attachment "A"
206. HAL-PC Election Committee Report                             
207. 06-Jun-2000

208. Results of the 2000 HAL-PC Election are as follows:
209. Election Results:            Votes Received % of Ballots
210. 1. Mashburn, Mike            508      72.68%
211. 1. Gunn, Robert              508      72.68%
212. 3. Sipes, Ann                499      71.39%
213. 4. Thomas, Jay               482      68.96%
214. 5. Annis, Michelle           469      67.10%
215. 6. Morris, Joe Jr.           459      65.67%
216. 7. Blaylock, Norman          457      65.38%
217. 8. Leggett, Wesley           442      63.23%
218. 9. Grefe, Bob                421      60.23%
219. 10. Goetschuis, William       414      59.23%
220. 11. Cravey, Stephen           411      58.80%
221. 12. McGowan, Donald B.        394      56.37%
222. 13. Boyd, Gill                237      33.91%
223. 14. Boggan, Jeff              223      31.90%
224. 15. Zimmerer, Gerald          217      31.04%
225. 16. Eberhardt, Milt           206      29.47%
226. 17. Lee, Jerry                204      29.18%
227. 18. Peavy, William L.         203      29.04%
228. 19. Whinery, Joe              186      26.61%
229. 20. Shasteen, Ray             163      23.32%
230. 21. Marsden, Bruce            160      22.89%
231. 22. Neidig, Lance             158      22.60%
232. 23. Sharp, David              153      21.89%
233. 24. Adams, Mark               122      17.45%
234. 25. Horowitz, Chuck           107      15.31%
235. 26. Lopez, Noe                 92      13.16%
236. 27. Sadler, Brian              68       9.73%
237. 28. Ballato, Joanne            58       8.30%
238. 29. Gadd, Garrett              55       7.87%
239. 30. Silverman, Bernard         42       6.01%

240. Respectfully submitted,

241. Carla S. Cawlfield

242. The Election Committee Report was accepted as offered.

243. The Election Committee received a well deserved round of
244. applause.

245. Reading and approval of the Minutes of the May 4, 2000 Board of
246. Directors Meeting

247. Motion to approve the May minutes (Motion 0601)
248. David Pausky:
249. Page 21 reads attachment and should read attachment 4
250. Eric Hirtriter by Mel Babb:
251. Line 365 change form to from
252. Wes Leggett:
253. Line 244 change database to list
254. Wes Leggett:
255. Line 245 change database to list

256. The May minutes stated that Brian Sadler had requested a copy of
257. the HAL-PC Membership DataBase.  All past and present Board
258. Members received a copy of Brian Sadler's request at the time
259. that he made the request.  Brian Sadler did not request anything
260. other than the Voting Member List as defined by the Texas State
261. Non-Profit Corporation Act. There was discussion regarding this
262. change.

263. The Minutes of the May Board of Directors meeting are approved as
264. changed.  

265. The following verbal report was offered by Gerald Zimmerer on the
266. Cisco class:

267. Gerald Zimmerer stated that the Cisco class had been a success. 
268. He stated that although all the numbers are not in he would
269. estimate actual revenues of roughly $15,000 after deducting
270. expenses.  J Kolenovsky asked if Gerald intended to continue
271. offering Cisco classes at HAL-PC. Gerald Zimmerer stated that
272. that would be up to the new board.  Michelle Annis stated that
273. the Cisco group had been a great group and that they had not been
274. any trouble.  Nancy Ward stated that there had been classes
275. scheduled and that those people had been kicked out of their
276. classes.  Mel Babb stated that there were no classes actually
277. canceled.  The classes did meet.  A member of the audience asked
278. how many of the Cisco students were also members of HAL-PC.
279. Gerald Zimmerer estimated that 1/3 of the Cisco students were
280. also members of HAL-PC. David Pausky stated that this was a way
281. to bring in membership.  He also said that next time we should
282. try to avoid the fire drill of the machine mixed up. Gerald
283. Zimmerer said that he is looking into acquiring equipment and has
284. done some price checking.


286. Bob Grefe nominated Robert Gunn as President
287. Wes Leggett seconded the nomination
288. Ray Morris requested discussion.  Ray Morris asked Robert Gunn to
289. explain why he should be President.
290. Robert Gunn stated that he was prepared to take on the fiduciary
291. responsibilities of the organization.
292. Ray Morris indicated that he had knowledge of Robert Gunn that
293. might influence the Boards decision.
294. The question was called.
295. Ray Morris objected.

296. A role call vote to call the question produced the following
297. result:

298. Michelle S Annis        yes
299. Mel Babb                no
300. Norman Blaylock         yes
301. Matthew Castillo        abstain
302. James Coon              yes
303. Stephen P. Cravey       yes
304. William A Goetschius    yes
305. Robert P Grefe          yes
306. Robert E. Gunn          yes
307. Eric Hirtriter          ABSENT
308. Moe Jones               no
309. J Kolenovsky            yes
310. Tiffany Kong            abstain
311. Tim Kraemer             ABSENT
312. Wes Leggett             yes
313. Michael M Mashburn      yes
314. Donald B McGowan        yes
315. Ray Morris              no
316. Joseph E Morris Jr      yes
317. Mike Novominsky         no
318. David R. Pausky         yes
319. Anne Sipes              yes
320. Jay Thomas              yes

321. A role call vote of the Election of Robert Gunn as President
322. produced the following result:

323. Michelle S Annis        yes
324. Mel Babb                no
325. Norman Blaylock         yes
326. Matthew Castillo        abstain
327. James Coon              yes
328. Stephen P. Cravey       yes
329. William A Goetschius    yes
330. Robert P Grefe          yes
331. Robert E. Gunn          yes
332. Eric Hirtriter          ABSENT
333. Moe Jones               no
334. J Kolenovsky            yes
335. Tiffany Kong            abstain
336. Tim Kraemer             ABSENT
337. Wes Leggett             yes
338. Michael M Mashburn      yes
339. Donald B McGowan        yes
340. Ray Morris              no
341. Joseph E Morris Jr      yes
342. Mike Novominsky         no
343. David R. Pausky         yes
344. Anne Sipes              yes
345. Jay Thomas              yes

346. Robert Gunn was elected President.

347. David Pausky nominated Mike Mashburn as First Vice President.
348. William Goetschius seconded the nomination.
349. J Kolenovsky moved that nominations be closed.
350. Mike Mashburn was elected First Vice President by acclamation.

351. Mike Mashburn nominated Stephen Cravey as Vice President
352. Programs.
353. Norman Blaylock seconded the nomination.
354. Ray Morris objected.
355. Stephen Cravey was elected Vice President Programs by voice vote.

356. Bob Grefe nominated Jay Thomas as Vice President Communications.
357. J Kolenovsky seconded the nomination.
358. J Kolenovsky moved that nominations be closed.
359. Ray Morris objected and claimed conflict of interest.
360. A role call vote resulted in Jay Thomas being elected Vice
361. President Communications.

362. Michelle S Annis        yes
363. Mel Babb                no
364. Norman Blaylock         yes
365. Matthew Castillo        yes
366. James Coon              yes
367. Stephen P. Cravey       yes
368. William A Goetschius    yes
369. Robert P Grefe          yes
370. Robert E. Gunn          yes
371. Eric Hirtriter          ABSENT
372. Moe Jones               abstain
373. J Kolenovsky            yes
374. Tiffany Kong            yes
375. Tim Kraemer             ABSENT
376. Wes Leggett             yes
377. Michael M Mashburn      yes
378. Donald B McGowan        yes
379. Ray Morris              no
380. Joseph E Morris Jr      yes
381. Mike Novominsky         yes
382. David R. Pausky         yes
383. Anne Sipes              yes
384. Jay Thomas              yes

385. J Kolenovsky nominated Anne Sipes as Recording Secretary.
386. Bob Grefe seconded the nomination.
387. J Kolenovsky moved that nominations be closed.
388. Anne Sipes was elected to the position of Recording Secretary by
389. voice vote.

390. Ray Morris nominated Tiffany Kong as Membership Secretary.
391. David Pausky seconded the nomination.
392. J Kolenovsky moved that nominations be closed.
393. Tiffany Kong was elected Membership Secretary by acclamation.

394. Anne Sipes nominated Wes Leggett as Treasurer
395. Joe Morris Jr seconded the nomination.
396. Wes Leggett was elected Treasurer by acclamation.


398. Joe Morris Jr made the following motion (0602):

399. Motion to appoint various functionaries

400. WHEREAS: THE HAL-PC Bylaws allow the Board of Directors to
401. appoint Member Services Director, Vendor Liaison Officer,
402. Bulletin Board System Operators, Volunteer Coordinator, Welcome
403. Committee Chairman. and other functionaries as the Board may deem
404. necessary.

405. WHEREAS: the Board of Directors has determined a need for these
406. functionaries.

407. Be it hearby resolved: The HAL-PC BOARD OF DIRECTORS appoints:

408. William Goetschius as the Member Services Director
409. Norman Blaylock as the Vendor Liaison Officer
410. Don Hawkins as Bulletin Board System Operator
411. Michelle Annis as Volunteer Coordinator
412. Bob Grefe as Welcome Committee Chairman.

413. Anne Sipes seconded the motion.

414. Mel Babb expressed concern about these individuals over
415. committing themselves.
416. She also brought up conflict of interest.
417. Ray Morris requested and the Parliamentarian produced an
418. unsubstantiated document indicating that there had been a Board
419. Motion disallowing employees to serve on the Board of Directors. 
420. The alleged Board motion was dated April of 1993.  There was a
421. motion to rescind the motion dated April of 1993 which Anne Sipes
422. did second.
423. David Pausky made a motion to modify the motion to rescind the
424. motion dated April of 1993 to declare the motion of April of 1993
425. as having been superseded by the bylaws revisions dated June of
426. 1993.
427. Anne Sipes stated that the conflict of interest question was
428. inappropriate considering that the original motion was to appoint
429. some volunteers to the same volunteer positions that they already
430. held.
431. Ray Morris stated that he did not see a conflict of interest.
432. A decision was made to return the vote to the original motion.
433. The motion passed by voice vote.

434. NOTE: The motion as it was presented to the Board of Directors
435. contained a typographical error in the name of the Bulletin Board
436. System Operator.  That error has been corrected in this document.

437. Joe Morris Jr made the following motion (0603):

438. Motion to Authorize the President to conduct a General Audit

439. Whereas: there are questions regarding HAL-PC's financial state.

440. Whereas: there is an immediate need to accurately establish the
441. financial condition of HAL-PC.

442. Be it resolved: The Board of Directors directs the President to
443. initiate
444. a General Audit immediately and authorizes him to contract with
445. an
446. independent accounting firm to conduct such Audit.

447. Norman Blaylock seconded the motion.

448. Mike Novominsky stated that the Board had not been given adequate
449. time to review the motion.
450. Ray Morris stated that we have a contract with outside
451. independent auditor and that the yearly audit had already has
452. been started.  Robert Gunn stated that the annual audit is not a
453. General Audit.  Moe Jones requested clarification.  Robert Gunn
454. explained that we wanted the auditors to go through the books in
455. detail rather than taking samples of the entries for
456. verification.  Mel Babb asked how much that was going to cost. 
457. Robert Gunn stated that while he did not have a final figure he
458. would not expect it to cost more than $20,000.  Someone in the
459. audience stated that that was less than the cost of one General
460. Meeting.  Mel Babb stated that it was her opinion that the books
461. were in order and asked that the motion be held until next month. 

462. Joe Morris Jr. called the question.
463. Stephen Cravey seconded.
464. Ray Morris objected on the basis of inadequate notice.
465. Norman Blaylock moved that we invoke the emergency clause.
466. Ray Morris objected.
467. A member of the audience pointed out that Ray Morris had invoked
468. the emergency clause on more than one occasion and questioned why
469. he would object to it's use now.
470. Mike Mashburn requested clarification on the time frame for
471. calling a Special Board Meeting.  We were told that members of
472. the Board must be given notice five working days prior to the
473. meeting.  Robert Gunn said that we could waive the right to
474. notice.  Ray Morris said we could not if a Board member objected. 
475. He did object.
476. Norman Blaylock called for a special board meeting Friday June
477. 16, 2000 7p
478. David Pausky stated that SIG room A would be available.

479. The vote on the Motion to Authorize the President to conduct a
480. General Audit was postponed to give Board Members adequate time
481. to consider the motion.

482. Joe Morris Jr. made the following motion (0604):

483. Motion to Establish Committees

484. Whereas: there are multiple projects underway.

485. Whereas: there is a need to establish individuals and committees
486. responsible for seeing these projects through to fruition.

487. Be it resolved: The Board of Directors of HAL-PC establishes the
488. following Committees:

489. Executive Committee
490. All Officers:
491. President - Robert Gunn
492. First Vice President - Mike Mashburn
493. Vice President-Programs - Stephen Cravey
494. Vice President-Communications - Jay Thomas
495. Recording Secretary - Anne Sipes
496. Membership Secretary - Jeff Boggan
497. Treasurer - Wes Leggett 
498. David Pausky
499. James Coon

500. Property/Security
501. Larry Dillard
502. David Pausky
503. Jeff Hupp
504. William Goetschius
505. Joe Morris Jr
506. Robert Gunn (chair)

507. Fund Raising    
508. Pauline Solnik
509. Carla Cawlfield
510. Lance Neidig
511. Bob Dowdall

512. Publicity
513. Jay Thomas
514. Marilyn Wright Gore
515. Meridith Foster
516. David Carson
517. Mark Stepp

518. Legal
519. Tim Burgess
520. Reginald Hirsch

521. Education       
522. George Roy
523. Bob Grefe (chair)
524. Cecil Tamez
525. George Walker
526. Ann Herbig
527. Eleanor Grefe
528. Mel Babb

529. Special Interest Groups ("SIG").
530. Mike Mashburn
531. David Pausky
532. Michelle Annis
533. Emery Annis
534. Bob Stewart
535. John Cochran

536. Product Distribution Committee
537. John P. Chambers, LMSW-ACP, LMFT, LPC, LCDC
538. David Crook
539. David Pausky
540. Eric Hirtriter
541. Jeff Boggan
542. Ralph Roddy
543. W.D. Koempel
544. Anne Sipes

545. Programs
546. Stephen Cravey
547. Lance Neidig (chair)
548. Anne Sipes
549. Norman Blaylock
550. Jay Thomas
551. Reuben Wilson
552. Kelly Brown
553. Donald McGowan

554. Publications
555. Meredith Foster
556. Stephen Cravey
557. Tim Kraemer
558. David Pausky
559. Anne Sipes
560. Beverly Rosenbaum
561. M.L. Giggleman

562. Library
563. Jeff Hupp (chair)
564. John Moore
565. Ray Morris

566. Bulletin Board
567. Jeff Hupp
568. John Moore (chair)
569. Ray Morris
570. Pat Freeman
571. Mike Novominsky

572. Rules
573. Anne Sipes
574. Brian Sadler
575. Marilyn Wright Gore
576. Robert Gunn
577. Norman Blaylock
578. Mike Mashburn
579. David Pausky

580. Elections
581. Paul Fleming
582. Marilyn Wright Gore
583. Jeff Hupp
584. Joe Morris Jr

585. Member Services. 
586. William Goetschius
587. John Phillips
588. David Crook
589. John Cochran

590. Membership Database
591. Tiffany Kong
592. Jeff Hupp (chair)
593. Michelle Annis
594. Wes Leggett
595. Anne Sipes

596. Volunteer Committee
597. Michelle Annis
598. Bob Grefe
599. Monte Goodman
600. Joe Morris Jr
601. Anne Herbage
602. Mike Mashburn
603. Brian Sadler
604. Norman Blaylock

605. Youth Committee
606. Stephen Cravey
607. Emery Annis
608. Wes Leggett
609. Dennis Richards

610. Welcome Committee
611. Bob Grefe
612. James Coon
613. Anne Sipes
614. Jay Thomas
615. Wes Leggett

616. Finance
617. Ray Shasteen
618. Bill Buser
619. President - Robert Gunn
620. First Vice President - Mike Mashburn
621. Vice President-Programs - Stephen Cravey
622. Vice President-Communications - Jay Thomas
623. Recording Secretary - Anne Sipes
624. Treasurer - Wes Leggett

625. Norman Blaylock seconded the motion.

626. J Kolenovsky asked if we could put Pauline Solnik on the
627. Publicity Committee.
628. Mel Babb said we should remove Jeff Bogan and insert Tiffany Kong
629. as Membership Secretary.
630. Matthew Castillo noticed that he was not on any committees.  Anne
631. Sipes reminded him that he had been asked to join the Games
632. Committee and that he had asked for some time to think about
633. Committee assignments.  He agreed.
634. Mel Babb said that we might have missed some committees.  She
635. offered to send her list to Anne Sipes.
636. Robert Gunn asked that we add Bonnie Freeman to the rules
637. committee.
638. Ray Morris requested that he be removed from the Bulletin Board
639. Committee.
640. The motion passed with changes.
641. Mike Novominsky was against.
642. Mel Babb abstained.

643. Stephen Cravey made the following motion (0605):

644. Motion to Authorize the HAL-PC Members only area of the HAL-PC
645. Website.

646. Whereas: the Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act requires that
647. specific information be made available to the membership.

648. Be it resolved: The HAL-PC Board of Directors will post the
649. Articles of Incorporation, the bylaws, the general meeting
650. attendance records, the past and present HAL-PC balance sheets,
651. The HAL-PC Board of Directors top ten priorities list, a
652. membership card design contest and a membership survey to a
653. members only area of the HAL-PC website and a link to that
654. members only area of the HAL-PC website shall be published in the
655. HAL-PC Magazine.

656. William Goetschius seconded the motion.

657. The motion passed by acclamation.

658. Joe Morris Jr. made the following motion (0606):

659. Motion to Authorize the Property Committee To Act

660. Whereas: The location of all keys to HAL-PC property and rental
661. space is unknown.

662. Whereas: This constitutes an immediate threat to the security of
663. HAL-PC.

664. Be it resolved: The Security Committee is hereby directed to have
665. the HAL-PC locks re-keyed at it's earliest opportunity and the
666. committee is authorized to contract for such work.

667. Stephen Cravey seconded the motion.

668. The motion passed by acclamation.

669. Donald McGowan made the following motion (0607):

670. Motion to Create the Position of Office Manager

671. Whereas: the HAL-PC office has need for an office manager.

672. Whereas: the Office Manager of the HAL-PC office will have a need
673. to appoint or employ individuals to perform tasks related to the
674. Management of the Office of HAL-PC.

675. Be it resolved: The HAL-PC office shall have an office manager
676. and that the office manager of the HAL-PC office shall have the
677. authority to manage all the affairs of the HAL-PC office
678. including the appointment or employment of all of the HAL-PC
679. office personnel.

680. Bob Grefe seconded the motion.

681. stephen Cravey amended the motion to include a hiring freeze
682. until there is a budget in place.  

683. Motion as amended Amendment passed by acclamation.

684. A Motion to Appoint Michelle Annis as office manager was made and
685. then withdrawn on the basis that the Office Manager answers
686. directly to the President and the President already has the
687. authority to appoint the Office Manager.

688. The following motion was made (0608):

689. Motion to Create Position of HAL-PC Magazine publisher

690. Whereas: HAL-PC Magazine has need for a Publisher.

691. Whereas: The publisher of HAL-PC Magazine will have a need to
692. appoint or employ individuals to perform tasks related to the
693. management and publication of HAL-PC Magazine.

694. Be it resolved: HAL-PC Magazine shall have a publisher and that
695. the publisher of HAL-PC Magazine shall have the authority to
696. manage all the affairs of the magazine including the appointment
697. or employment of all HAL-PC Magazine personnel.

698. Anne Sipes seconded the motion.

699. The motion passed by voice vote.

700. A Motion to Appoint Meredith Foster as the HAL-PC Magazine
701. Publisher was made and withdrawn on the basis that the President
702. already has the authority to appoint the Magazine Publisher.

703. The following motion was made (0609):

704. Motion to Grant a One-year HALNet Membership to Membership Card
705. Design Contest Winner.

706. Whereas: HAL-PC needs new membership cards.

707. Whereas: The Board of Directors of HAL-PC wishes to solicit the
708. input of the membership in the design of the cards.

709. Whereas: A prize would encourage membership participation. 

710. Be it resolved: The HAL-PC Board of Directors establishes a
711. HAL-PC membership card design contest and authorizes a one-year
712. HALNet subscription as a prize to the winner.   The HALNet
713. webmaster is authorized to conduct the contest and award the
714. prize.

715. Michelle Annis seconded the motion.

716. Mike Mashburn and Jay Thomas clarified that the contest would be
717. open to members only.
718. Mel Babb indicated that she hoped we would look into bar coding
719. the Membership Card.
720. There was general agreement.
721. Robert Gunn said that this was actually seven years passed due.
722. Moe Jones modified the motion by striking membership card and
723. inserting logo.

724. The motion passed by acclamation.

725. Norman Blaylock made the following motion (0610):

726. Motion to Approve Special Interest Groups

727. Whereas: the HAL-PC bylaws state that in order for a Special
728. Interest Group to maintain its status as a recognized Special
729. Interest Group it must meet criteria recommended by the Special
730. Interest Group committee and be approved by the Board. 

731. Whereas HAL-PC has many established Special Interest Groups.

732. Be it resolved: The HAL-PC Board of Directors does approve all of
733. HAL-PC's existing Special Interest Groups.

734. J Kolenovsky seconded the motion.

735. The motion passed by acclamation.

736. Norman Blaylock made the following motion (0611):

737. Motion to Authorize Notices of Agency

738. Whereas:  HAL-PC has no procedure to authorize agents to act in
739. its behalf.

740. Be it Resolved:  The Board of Directors authorizes the President
741. to notify vendors and other concerned parties who is and is not
742. currently authorized to act in agency for HAL-PC.

743. Joe Morris Jr. seconded the motion.

744. The motion passed by acclamation.

745. There was general agreement not to hear any remaining reports.
746. Mel Babb said that we could spend no new money without an
747. Internet Report.
748. We agreed as a group that that was completely acceptable to us.

749. David Pausky said that during his last three years as Vice
750. President of SIG's he had received a lot of help from many
751. people.  He also said there was one person he would like to
752. single out to thank for his dedication and assistance.  That
753. person is John Cochran.

754. The HAL-PC Board of Directors adjourned at 9:15pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Anne Sipes
Recording Secretary

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