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Friday, September 22 -- 6:30 pm: HAL-PC Movie Night - Vintage Cartoons and Firewall with Harrison Ford


Saturday September 9 -- 9:30 pm: Camcorder & Video SIG - First Organizational Meeting

Saturday, September 16 -- 9:30 am: Digital Photography SIG - 'Having Fun with Special Effects'

Saturday, September 23 -- 9:30 am General Meeting - 'Welcome to the Digital TV Revolution'

Saturday, September 30 -- 9:30 am Mini Course - 'Photo Editing - Beyond the Basics'


The following Special Interest Groups have specific programs posted for their upcoming meetings. Please refer to the SIG Calendar for a complete listing of HAL-PC SIG meeting dates and times. If you are interested in starting a Special Interest Group that is not currently on our calendar, contact the Vice President for SIGS

LINUX 101: Tuesday, September 5 -- 7:00 pm: First of the programs in the start of a new cycle. New material and information are added each cycle. All who are uncertain about Linux learn the benefits and profiles of the various "flavors" or distributions of this amazing free Operating System. Linux has gotten so user friendly and easy to install in the new configurations that they can be tried on any computer on a trial basis in the CD drive without disturbing the OS on the C drive. Taking Linux for a "test drive" without any risk skips the "first time fear factor".

WINDOWS OS: Wednesday, September 6 -- 7:00 pm: WiFi Hot-Spot Server. This will be done using Open Source software and an old computer. The computer needs to be Intel compatible 450 MHz or better with a minimum of 128 Megs of RAM. No hard drive is required just a CD ROM and floppy drive, WiFi router, and two 10/100 ethernet network cards. The software provides control of multiple zones and multiple permission levels. Time permitting we will also demonstrate installing a network security camera.

INTERNET: Friday, September 8 -- 7:00 pm: At this month's meeting we will look at email scams and phishing schemes. Messages and methods to separate you from your money or your identity. What to look for, and how to aviod these problems.

STOCK MARKET: Saturday, September 9 -- 1:00 pm: Note new time and date.

DATABASE & GUI DESIGN SIG: Saturday, September 9 -- 9:00 am: The former Access Developer's Workshop, now the Database and GUI Design SIG, will continue it's series on SQL Server 2005 and stored procedures. We invite you to bring your notebook with you and join us working hands on to learn this new technology.

FOXPRO: Tuesday, September 12 -- 7:00 pm: John Chambers: Email in VFP: Will demonstrate using CDO from fox wiki to send emails with VFP. Ed Hardin: Demo of his bulk mail program BMW WIN Plus

C#: Tuesday, September 19 -- 7:00 pm (Beginners - 6:00 pm)David Wood, a new HAL-PC member, will talk about boxing and unboxing, collections, arrays, garbage collection, and threading, and how to use them in an efficient manner in the .NET managed code environment.

WEB DESIGN: Tuesday, September 26 -- 7:00 pm: The internet makes accessing information easy and convenient. This includes your family history when you create a website using the free open source genealogy program, PHPGedView. A centralized database simplifies collaboration with others working on your family tree so your latest genealogy information is available for others to see. Learn how to quickly set up a family website featuring your family's history and how you can give your site a distinctive look by modifying built-in themes.

MULTIMEDIA: Saturday, OCTOBER 7 -- 10:00 am: A look at digital photography effects including "Corel's KPT Collection", "Wild Photo Effects" from OnHand Software, "Prof. Franklin's Instant Photo Artist", and the "buzz Simplifier" Photoshop compatible filter.


Popcorn bag

Join us for HAL-PC monthly Movie Night, Friday, September 22 at 6:30 pm. We'll have vintage cartoons and Firewall, starring Harrison Ford, Paul Bettany and Virginia Madsen and on the big screen. "Bank security expert Jack Stanfield's job is to design financial computer systems that no one can crack. A criminal mastermind kidnaps Jack's wife and children and holds them for ransom. As the clock ticks down, Jack must figure out a way to break into his own impenetrable security system, steal $100 million and somehow beat his criminal adversary at his own game. Exclusively for members. Door prize! Popcorn, candy and soft drinks will be sold as fundraiser.

Upcoming Classes - HAL-PC Headquarters

Map To Facility

Starting September 6
Basic Computer Use

Instructor: Rick Archibald

Starting September 7
Getting More From MS Word: Business Writing

Instructor: Bear Jones

Starting September 11
Web Surfing for Cowards

Instructor: Bear Jones

Starting September 12
Working with Windows

Instructor: Bear Jones

Starting September 13
MS Word, Level 1

Instructor: Bear Jones

Starting September 14
Getting More From Word - Creative Writing
Instructor: Bear Jones

Starting September 21
Getting More From Word - Business Writing
Instructor: Bear Jones

Starting September 25
Web Surfing for Cowards

Instructor: Bear Jones

Starting September 26
Working with Windows

Instructor: Bear Jones

Starting September 27
Intro to Microsoft Office
Instructor: Bear Jones

Starting September 28
Getting More From Word - Creative Writing
Instructor: Bear Jones

Check the Class Calendar for the latest additions to the schedule


HAL-PC Volunteer of the Month for September is Sharon Hendrix. She is a front desk volunteer and has been a member since 1992. Congratulations, Sharon!


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