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Welcome to the October 2007 edition of the HAL-PC/HALNet monthly eBulletin. If you wish to stop receiving these bulletins, send an email to e-bulletin-off@hal-pc.org. This month: Postini Tips, Yahoo.com mail issue, Upcoming Events, Clear Lake, SIG News, Class Listing, Ralph Roddy, Magazine.


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Thank you to all the HALNet users who lodged complaints with Yahoo.com last month when they summarily blocked all email from hal-pc.org. Yahoo.com stopped accepting all incoming HALNet mail with no warning or explanation, and repeated attempts to communicate with anyone knowledgable at Yahoo were essentially fruitless. Yahoo eventually began accepting our email, again without notice or explanation. The HALNet staff sincerely appreciates our users' patience and support.


Saturday, October 6, 1:00 pm

VHS tapes donít last forever, and degrade with every play. Save those VHS moments by transferring them to DVD - before they become a part of history!

Wednesday, October 17, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Talk with pictures! Once you know what you want to say in a talk, PowerPoint can make it happen. This class gives you the basics of making your unique PowerPoint slide show. We'll cover: choosing a design, working with layouts, typing text for your slides, inserting pictures into your presentation, adding a footer, making transitions, and printing notes for your audience. Plenty of time for your own Q&A. SIG Room B. Check back the week before class to download a handout.

Thursday, November 8, 7:00 pm

One-time presentation and demonstration of the security features of the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system. Covered will be such Windows standard items as Windows Update, firewall, virus detection and backups, as well as items unique to Vista, such as User Account Control, Windows Defender, BitLocker and others. We will look at what these systems do and how to tweak and monitor them. Presented by a former Security SIG leader, Philip Overman, MCSE, CCNA. Come and be safe!


Friday, October 5, 1:00 pm:: Computer Investing SIG - Don McCurdy, HAL-PC member, "Withdrawal Strategies During Retirement"

Saturday, October 6, 9:30 am: Camcorder & Video SIG - John Neustadter, HAL-PC member, "Video for a Local Community TV Station"

Saturday, October 27, 1:00 pm: Digital Photography SIG - - Steven Whatley, HAL-PC Member, presents "Photography at NASA's JSC"

Saturday, October 27, 9:30 am: General Computing SIG - Marc Edelman, PC & Cable Company presents "Networking Your Spare Home Computers"


The following Special Interest Groups have specific programs posted for their upcoming meetings. Please refer to the SIG Calendar for a complete listing of HAL-PC SIG meeting dates and times. If you are interested in starting a Special Interest Group that is not currently on our calendar, contact the Vice President for SIGS

MULTIMEDIA SIG: Saturday, October 6 -- 10:00 am: A soundscape is an acoustic environment or an environment created by sound. "Phonography" is an alternate term for "field recording", the technique for capturing the audible illustration of an environment, produced outside of a recording studio. Join us for "A Brief Introduction To Soundscape Phonography".

FOXPRO SIG: Tuesday, October 9 -- 7:00 pm:
Rich Monroe: Form Class Properties & Methods Part II: Rich shows a screen that tracks the activity and screens when an application runs, keeping up with who, etc.
Rich Monroe: Session Crasher & Screen Crasher
Ed Hardin: Creating Email Down and Dirty Part II: I'll be talking about using winsock to create an internet connection and then using POP3 commands to create a down and dirty email client thus bypassing having to use Outlook, Eudora, etc. to check email. In my case this is something that I had a need for.

DATABASE & GUI DESIGN SIG: Saturday, October 13 -- 9:00 am: Continuing our exploration of Codesmith Tools and .netTiers, we will be delving into web pages and using these tools as a generator for our data layer. After this presentation, we will start working with virtual machines to do hands on labs where you will work on this directly.

C# SIG: Tuesday, October 16 -- 7:00pm:
LINQing to Your Database: LINQ is the next generation of data access. It can interact with objects, XML, and SQL. This presentation will focus on LINQ-to-SQL - how to use it for querying and updating your database tables and how to implement it in your applications.

DIGITAL IMAGING SIG: Saturday, October 20 -- 1:00 pm
This month we will be doing some more scanning and working with old photos. Some of the photos will be over 100 years old. So, this could be interesting. We will try to do some restoration work on them as part of the meeting. Next month, we are going to delve back into macro (close-up) photography. So for November, remember to bring your cameras because as always, I want you to learn to use what you have for this type of photography.

WEB DESIGN SIG: Tuesday, October 23 -- 7:00 pm: T The Web Design SIG will address the basic techniques for creating professional and captivating websites. We will discuss what constitutes "good design" and the design process by walking through the steps that professional designers use to develop great websites. PLEASE NOTE: This SIG will not meet during November and December.

Upcoming Classes - HAL-PC Headquarters

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Check the Class Calendar for the latest additions to the schedule


October's HAL-PC Volunteer of the Month is Claudia Ludwig. Claudia is a long-time HAL-PC member and volunteer. She currently leads the Basic Internet SIG and is instrumental in the Build or Buy a Computer SIG. Claudia is always ready to lend a hand whenever needed. She was a true life-saver at the September General meeting, pitching in at the door to handle sign-ins and door prize registration! Thanks, Claudia - it's members like you that make it all work!


Ralph Roddy, one of the founding members of HAL-PC, has been admitted to M.D. Anderson for stem cell therapy. Ralph has access to a laptop computer when hospitalized. To send your well wishes to him, email ralphr@hal-pc.org.


Look for the following informative articles in the HAL-PC Magazine online
Fred Thorlin on SIGGRAPH
Mel Babb on Writing Your Memoirs in Style
Robert DuVernay reviews Casper v4.0:
Hard Drive Backup and Recovery

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