HAL-PC Monthly eBulletin - November 2006

Welcome to the February edition of the HAL-PC/HALNet monthly eBulletin. If you wish to stop receiving these bulletins, send an email to e-bulletin-off@hal-pc.org. This month: Welcome New Users!, Referral Program, Events, Clear Lake, SIG News, Movie Night, Class Listing, Volunteer of the Month, Magazine.


You can get a free extension of time on your HALNet account for referring new users to our service! For every signup you refer, your account will be extended by $10.00 worth of time. Dial-up users will get an extra month, DSL accounts will get $10.00 worth of extra days. Here's how the program works:
  1. Go to the User Account Login Page and login with your HALNet user id and password
  2. In the upper left corner of the client administration page you will see a button labeled 'Referrals'. Click it
  3. The Referrals information page tells you how the program works. At the top of the page you will find the following words:

    Highlight this url, copy it and paste it into an email to your friends and neighbors. Tell them to follow the link to sign up for HALNet service.


    This is a specially-generated link to the online signup page that is keyed to your HALNet account. Be sure to tell your friend to follow that link to sign up so you will get credit.


HAL-PC has implemented a new Headquarters Suite access policy. HAL-PC members will be required to swipe their membership cards in the card reader located outside the suite doors to access the suite after 6:00 pm. If you have not received a permanent membership card, or if you have lost yours, contact Cynthia at 713-341-8104 for a replacement. If you are a visitor, please signal the attendant at the desk you need access, and please make sure to sign the guest register at his desk. Remember, guests are welcome to attend a SIG or event one time as a visitor!


Saturday, February 3 -- 1:00 - 3:30 pm: DVD Backup for Everyone

Movie Night:


Friday, February 2 - 1:00 pm: Computer Investing SIG - Using the Value Line Investment Service

Saturday February 3 -- 9:30 pm: Camcorder & Video SIG - "Using Pinnacle Studio Video Software"

Saturday, February 17 -- 9:30 am: Digital Photography SIG - Tom Hill, HAL-PC member, "Review of Slideshow Formats"

Saturday, February 17 -- 1:00 pm General Computer SIG - Gil Good, HAL-PC Instructor, "Essentials of Dragon Naturally Speaking"


NEW SIG! The new Pure Basic SIG meets on the first Tuesday of the month from 6:00 - 9:00 pm. Here are 10 reasons you should come join us and learn about this exciting new programming language!

  1. Compiles to Machine Code (Assembly) true executables (using FASM)
  2. No run-times needed for your apps (no DLLs to distribute)
  3. Multi-platform support (Windows 95-2003, Linux, Mac-OS X, Amiga)
  4. Generous Licensing
    Inexpensive ($99)
    Life-time license (all future updates & versions included)
    $99 includes all platform compilers
  5. Tiny executables (as small or smaller/as fast or faster than C++ w/out the runtime)
  6. You can write Console EXEs, Windows EXEs, DLLs, Services, etc.
  7. Multi-thread support
  8. Full OS API support
  9. In-line Assembly support
  10. Awesome online support community!

Please refer to the SIG Calendar for a complete listing of HAL-PC SIG meeting dates and times. If you are interested in starting a Special Interest Group that is not currently on our calendar, contact the Vice President for SIGS


The February movie will be Friday 02/23/07. The feature will be Hitch, starring Will Smith (2005). Smooth and sexy Alex "Hitch" Hitchens (Will Smith) is the master of seduction in this charming romantic comedy. His specialty? Helping clueless clients make a great first impression so they not only get to the second date, but make someone fall for them. When a gossip reporter (Eva Mendes) starts nosing around his business, however, Hitch finds himself out of moves as he forgets all his lessons and has to figure out a whole new strategy to love." Cartoons will begin at 6:30 and the feature at 7:00. As always, popcorn, candy and drinks will be sold as a fund raiser. Join us for a fun, free night out!!


HAL-PC webmaster Marilyn Gore will be offering a one-day, four-hour course in introductory CSS on Friday, February 16. CSS (cascading style sheets) allow you to control colors, fonts and layout for your entire website in one easily-edited file. Knowledge of HTML is a prerequisite and will be assumed. Call Ashley at

Upcoming Classes - HAL-PC Headquarters

Map To Facility

Starting February 5
Web Surfing for Cowards

Instructor: Bear Jones

Starting February 6
Working With Windows

Instructor: Bear Jones

Starting February 8
Getting More From Word - Business Writing

Instructor: Bear Jones

Starting February 15
Getting More From Word - Creative Writing

Instructor: Bear Jones

Starting February 16
Intro to CSS

Instructor: Marilyn Gore

Check the Class Calendar for the latest additions to the schedule. Some classes have minimum enrollments - Call 713-341-8102 for complete enrollment information.


HAL-PC Volunteer of the Month for January is Sue Ostlund. Sue has been a member since 1998. Sue is always ready to lend a hand. From running errands as small as getting copies made to coordinating special projects and anything in between, Sue is always ready to pitch in. Besides being helpful, she makes a wicked good rum ball, as was evidenced at December's Christmas Open House. Those that weren't fast just found an empty plate!


Look for the HAL-PC Magazine online

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