HAL-PC Monthly eBulletin - August 2005

Welcome to the August edition of the HAL-PC monthly member eBulletin. If you wish to stop receiving these bulletins, send an email to e-bulletin-off@hal-pc.org. This month: Protect Your PC, HAL-PC Supports the Troops, Special Events, Classes, Volunteer News, Magazine.



Symantec Security Systems gives the following advice:

* Be extremely wary of any email asking you to provide confidential information—especially of a financial nature. Financial institutions rarely, if ever, request sensitive information via email. If you receive this kind of request, call to confirm the sender’s identity and the validity of their request. Do not simply provide the information.

* Don’t get frightened or pressured into divulging information. Phishers like to use scare tactics, employing urgent language to pressure you into submitting confidential data. They may threaten to disable an account or delay services until you update certain information. Don’t bite on this. Instead, contact the merchant who apparently sent the email to confirm its authenticity. IF THE MESSAGE APPEARS TO COME FROM HAL-PC OR HALNet, CALL (713) 993-3300 TO CONFIRM!!

* Watch out for generic-looking requests for information. Fraudulent emails are often not personalized. Meanwhile, emails from your bank or ISP often directly address you or your account. Again, confirm the authenticity of any suspicious request before responding.

* If a suspicious email contains a link to a Web page, don't click on it. Instead, navigate to the Web site by typing the company’s URL into the address bar of your browser.

* Never submit confidential information via forms embedded within email messages. Instead, communicate that information over the phone or through a secure Web site.

* Whenever you submit credit card numbers or other confidential information over the Internet, make sure the site is secure. Please note, just because the site’s address begins with https doesn’t necessarily mean the site is locked down. Sophisticated phishers have begun to use URL masking techniques to mimic the secure address of an authentic company. So, before submitting your information, confirm the URL’s authenticity by clicking on your browser’s “locked” symbol.

* Check your online accounts frequently. Make sure all listed transactions are valid, and if they aren’t contact your bank or credit card company immediately.

* Keep your browser and operating system up to date. Check regularly for patches and upgrades, paying special attention to security-related updates.


We are assembling another care package for the troops in Iraq. If you would like to contribute something, please drop it off at the front desk or in the volunteer room. Suggestions include Prepaid international calling cards, disposable cameras, toiletries, amusements, cd's, books, batteries, and factory-sealed food, snacks and beverages.


The Everyone Series Is Back! Please join us on Saturday, August 6 from 1:00 - 3:00 as we revisit the ever-popular CD BURNING FOR EVERYONE event. Must be a HAL-PC member to attend. Fun, demos, and door prizes!

August Classes - HAL-PC Headquarters

NEW CLASS!! By popular demand, we are starting a series of classes on the 'ins and outs of eBay'. The first class will be held this month, starting on August 16 and 18 from 6:00 - 8:00 pm. 'Ease Into eBay: Browse, Bid and Buy' will introduce you to this wildly popular auction site, show you how to register for a login id, set preferences, customize "MY eBAY", select items, bid and complete your transaction. Look for future classes on SELLING on eBay!

Map To Facility

Starting August 5
Microsoft Excel Level 1
Instructor: Fernando Bobbio

Starting August 9
Windows XP Intermediate
Instructor: Bear Jones

Starting August 11
Microsoft Word Level 1
Instructor: Mel Babb

Starting August 13
Introduction to Computers
Instructor: Tomika Elizondo

Starting August 15
Microsoft Word Level 1
Instructor: Fernando Bobbio

Starting August 16
Ease Into eBay
Instructor: Marie Jones

Starting August 19
Microsoft Excel Level 2
Instructor: Fernando Bobbio

Starting August 24
Instructor: Fernando Bobbio

Starting August 24
Microsoft Excel Level 1
Instructor: Mel Babb

August 27 (all day)
Microsoft PowerPoint
Instructor: Fernando Bobbio

Starting August 30
Microsoft Project Level 1
Instructor: Fernando Bobbio

Instructor: Marie Jones


Check the HAL-PC home page for information on presentations for regularly scheduled SIGs.


HAL-PC needs you! Your HAL-PC dues are kept low in part through the efforts of our wonderful volunteers. If you have just a couple of free hours a month, we can use you. HAL volunteers not only offer technical support! We need volunteers to prepare renewal notices and new member letters for mailing by stuffing envelopes and putting on stamps and mailing labels. If you can do a little clerical work for your club, please call Mika at 713-341-8102.


Look for your monthly online edition of the HAL-PC Magazine featuring Trumors, reviews, and more!

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